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Last updated for corrections on 25th Apr 2019.


Tom Dobbie Exposes Crimes
2010 to 2019 blog

Court cases Blog summary and matters of record and administration
as an audit trail giving public scrutiny to criminal court cases,
and an audit trail of evidence for future criminal and civil actions
against individuals and organisations .

The left hand menu items are all pages with hyperlinks to documents constituting the broader argument,and all of this fits within CPR, CPS , audit ability and legibility requirements. These cases involve Chester CPS, Chester judiciary and Cheshire police all creating crimes, assisting in crimes, propagating crimes and hiding crimes; serious crimes.

The more you investigate the truth here, the more criminality by agents of the state you will find. These criminals are so arrogant about their power to carry out crimes, that they get corrupt judges (Woodward, Dutton, Berkson ...) to approve orders to gag people from reporting crimes. These trials are about Cheshire police, Chester CPS and Chester judiciary gagging Tom Dobbie, - stopping his moral obligations to his children, - stopping his moral obligations to society, - stopping his moral obligations to the Crown - stopping his moral obligations to report crimes. The evidence by the defendant is extensive, as are the witnesses. Cheshire police, Chester CPS and Chester judiciary are evidenced in unlawful and criminal acts in the various trials and pre trial hearings in 2010, 2011, 2011, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

A major addition to this site (which will be used in more legal trials ) is an audit of all of the crimes, all of the criminals, all of the cover ups. The audit will be used for criminal prosecutions of all of the police, social workers, cps and others who have not only carried out crimes, but propagated ongoing torture and abuses by wilfully covering up.

Blog and admin entries.
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15th Mar 2019. Note for case file.

These emails and notes are for 1) part of the application and evidence 2) assisting in understanding the flow of communications. The blog is always sent at it's latest date along with the application and all of the other pages and files. Some of these emails are an audit trail showing things known by various parties at various stages. ALL original emails, documents, media files, witness statements and other evidence are stored in multiple secure locations with full audit histories to enable legal actions to be taken against the various criminals in police, CPS, judiciary and private individuals involved.

15th Mar 2019. Email from Tom Dobbie to CWAC (TBD).

Dear CWAC, you have not responded to complaints made to you. .
1. Response to complaints.
2. SAR
3. Helen Jones, social worker and her bosses covered up child rape child sexual abuses, child abuses.
4. Carried out a course of conduct of harassment against Tom Dobbie.
5. Assisted Catherine Avril Dobbie to steal the equity of the house.
6. CWAC employees stole money from the public purse to fund a private prosecution.
7. CWAC repeatedly lied about their response to complaints to MP's and police. .

15th Mar 2019. Email from Tom Dobbie to Crown(TBD).

Dear Crown Court, please reply on
1. What happened to various N244 applications.
2, SAR on everything you have on me.
3. Judges notes from unlawful trials , Woodward, Dutton

15th Mar 2019. Email from Tom Dobbie to Magistrates(TBD).

Dear Magistrates, required are
1. Judges notes
2. CPS notes.
3. Judges notes from 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018
4. SAR everything

15th Mar 2019. Email from Tom Dobbie to Police(TBD).

Dear Cheshire Police, please supply
1. SAR on everything, including 2010 charge and interview
2. Complaint - every interview you ever did, you wilfully excluded the evidence I had. Guilty of misconduct.
3. Reporting crime - guilty of misconduct , ill treatment and torture
4. Reporting crime - perverting course of justice - Magistrates
5. Reporting crimes - perverting the course of justice Dwyer et al Dutton

8th Mar 2019. Email from Tom Dobbie to IOPC, CP, AG, iiCSA.

Dear IOPC, thank you for your reply.
It makes little sense for you to forward the complaint to Cheshire Police. They are heavily evidenced as having carried out a course of conduct of not following procedures, ignoring evidence, covering up the crimes committed by the perpetrators and their own officers. In one of the most bizarre and stupid acts, they asked the perpetrators of the crimes if they had conducted the crimes the victims had reported, and then concluded there were no crimes based on what the perpetrators said - even with CAFCASS documents showing the perpetrator had lied to cover up the crimes. At no stage, did Cheshire police ask for, or review the evidence available to them. They simply kept everything secret before popping up a document saying Cheshire police had nothing to answer for, and saying the original perpetrators were innocent as there was no evidence. The scale of the criminality is reported a number of times, but in particular, the link to the public trials applications shows extensive criminality and abuses. Cheshire police acted criminally to create an unlawful CBO which their freemason judge rubber stamped for them. Recently, my daughter texted me saying the abusers had told her that I had raped her ! ! When she tried to visit me to discuss what was and wasn't true, the abusers prevented her against her wishes from meeting up with me. My daughter also asked why I had not made the effort to see her in the last 3 years. She had no idea that her abusers had stopped all contact against court orders and they had simply extended her child abuses by lying to her. My daughter said her mother had looked after her for the last three years, totally unaware that her mother had stolen the equity of the house, and stolen much of my property and destroyed my business and finances. Cheshire police were told about mum's violence and abuses - they ignored them. Cheshire police were told about my daughters rape and sexual abuses - they covered them up. Cheshire police were told of threats to kill and to destroy my business made by Redman - Cheshire police stated they do not deal with threats to kill. Cheshire police were shown the evidence of all the crimes after the trial in 2015 - Cheshire police refused to accept the reported crimes. Cheshire police were told of the fraud used to steal the equity of the house I solely paid for - Cheshire police said they don't deal with theft and fraud. In the probation interview after the bizarre unlawful trial in Chester magistrates (which a higher court judge immediately quashed) probation admitted that no duty of care had ever been given to me by police or prison to stop me being tortured ( psychiatrists report I am ICD10:F43 at battle fatigue level of distress and anxiety every single day , and they report this is caused by Cheshire police creating and sustaining the abuse of my children and me ). The list of crimes by the original perpetrators exceeds greatly those of the recent case of the young man abused by his girlfriend, and the evidence here is much greater. Amongst many things, it shows sexual discrimination by Cheshire police all the way through from them assaulting me in 2006 to present day. This is serious crime by Cheshire police, and they have demonstrated repeated cover ups. I request the matter is dealt with by the IOCP, or the metropolitan police. Cheshire police are heavily networked to Cheshire West and Chester Council and Chester judiciary, to the extent it is being run not as a UK police force, but as a private gang. Again,look at the evidence given in public Crown Court proceedings - URL_Link

Note to iiCSA. Dear Prof Jay,

There are two sets of hard factual evidence showing criminality by Cheshire police in not only covering up child rapes, but in then perverting the course of justice in Chester Courts by giving evidence under oath that these rapes and sexual abuses never happened. I request the iiCSA to summons Cheshire police to answer these charges of child sexual abuse covering up, or, if this is not possible, to inform the home secretary that there are child sexual abuses being reported that are not being investigated., regards, Tom Dobbie

8th Mar 2019.Email from IOPC to Tom Dobbie.

Dear Mr Dobbie,
Thank you for contacting the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC). We acknowledge receipt of your email dated 06 March 2019 regarding your complaint against Cheshire Constabulary. The case reference number is 2019/116571 which you should quote in all future correspondence.
We are completely independent of the police service and are responsible for making sure that the police complaints system in England and Wales works effectively and fairly. However, each police force is responsible for considering complaints made against that force and recording your complaint.
Our role at this stage is to forward your complaint to the relevant police force. If you are not happy with the police’s decision on recording your complaint, you have the right to appeal to us.
I have passed the matter to the Professional Standards Department (PSD) of Cheshire Constabulary for them to consider and the police will be contacting you soon. 
If you have not heard from the relevant police force within 15 working days you may wish to contact them directly.
Cheshire Constabulary, Professional Standards, Clemonds Hey, Oakmere Road, Winsford, Cheshire. CW7 2UA
Tel: 0845 458 0000 E-mail:
If you have any further information you wish to pass on, please forward it directly to the PSD at the above address.
Yours sincerely Naomi Slater. .

8th Mar 2019.Email from Tom Dobbie to IOPC.

Dear Sir/Madam,
Amongst all the other crimes reported to Cheshire police that they just ignore or hide, is the email I sent to them attached here.  This was sent to them on the 26th February 2019 and not so much as a kicking my door down ( that's their normal response when people report crimes carried out by Cheshire police ). 
These are three very serious crimes. 
1. Cheshire West and Chester Council defrauded the public purse to pursue a private prosecution. They did this with the help of Cheshire police.
2. Additionally, Cheshire West and Chester Council have been paying backhanders to judge Sanderson of Chester Family/County Court. Judge Sanderson accepted a fraudulent application by Catherine Avril Dobbie to steal the equity of the house I solely paid for.
3. Cheshire police officers perverted the course of justice in Magistrates and in Crown Court proceedings - while under oath. They lied and covered up child rape and other crimes. 
As you can see, this is very serious as it involves the Cheshire mafia. ( Cheshire police, Cheshire West and Chester Council,  and Chester cps and judiciary). 
It is not possible for police reporting to Cheshire mafia to conduct a police investigation against the Cheshire mafia.

Again, these matters also involve the iiCSA. 

6th Mar 2019.Email from Tom Dobbie to IPCC, AG, iiCSA.

Dear IPCC,  I wish to report serious crimes to you that involve criminal acts being covered up by Cheshire Police and related parties. Previously when I have reported to IPCC, Cheshire Police and their PPS units, I get sent in circles. Cheshire Police do not investigate serious and evidenced crimes. The PPS do not look at the evidence and say everything has been investigated..
There has been no real investigation into these crimes. Statutory procedures and policies have not been followed.
Cheshire police have acted repeatedly to cover all this up, because they got everything wrong at the start, and subsequently assisted the original criminal to abuse the children and me ; all in order to protect themselves. 
The criminality by Cheshire police got so intense, that they had a CBO created to make it a crime for me to report crimes by Cheshire police. This resulted in multiple appearances in Chester Courts with a high court judge throwing the cases out and removing my gagging order preventing me from reporting crimes. 
I ask you to now investigate these matters properly, given that Cheshire Police and their PPS are evidenced as assisting in crimes, perverting the course of justice, misconduct in public office and much  more. 
Background to all of this covering up and criminality can be seen at -  this URL_Link

10th Mar 2019. Note for case file.

Blog restart above after Jul 2018: my audit trail records go back to 2006. The recording of all of these cases being reported to police authorities now is added to the blog of court cases. The communications with IOPC will start above this paragraph.

5th Mar 2019 Note for case file.

Numerous actions involving the children and their local abusers and remote abusers have been taking a long time to organise due to my soul being frozen; this is how the pandemic of abusers has occured so easily; victims with destroyed souls, and vile psychopath abusers going on and on.

17th Feb 2019 Note for case file.

Had to keep away from the computers to stop my head going on fire. New developments though, need careful attention to prevent the victims being victimised even more.

13th Feb 2019 Email From Tom Dobbie to Crown Court, AG

Dear Clerk to the court, please forward this urgently to the Judge, CPS, and defendant ( litigant in person) in this trial.
Dear CPS/ MOJ, please ensure this is copied to Attorney General, Lord Chief Justice,  Lord Chancellor. 
1. I Emailed the court previously about the irregularities and unlawfulness in this case that would make any possible conviction unsafe. The court has decided to leave these matters to date as hidden, or not disclosed. 
2. I briefly attended this case yesterday. 
2.1. When judge Berkson saw me, his face was filled with anger.
2.2. I am a witness that judge Berkson is an interested party to assist Cheshire police in their vendettas against Philip Day and myself.
2.3. Unfortunately I was ordered out of the court public gallery after some 20 minutes.
2.3.1. My phone had rang out, and as quick as a flash judge Berkson ordered me out of the court not to come back. He had an excuse to remove me, the witness to his unlawful and corrupt acts. 
2.4. While I was there for 20 minutes, I was horrified to see a policeman show clothing as forensic evidence to the jury. He contaminated the clothes, and nobody batted an eyelid.
2.4.1. He took blue plastic gloves out of his jacket pocket. They were not in a protective bag, so who knows what contamination was on them at this point. He handled them thoroughly in getting them on his hands, and then handled the clothing.
2.4.2. This was not mentioned by the judge, jury, other police officer. In plain sight, he contaminated the evidence.
3. Please see my previous emails about the bias, prejudice, and interest of judge Berkson and CPS in this case. 
3.1. It also involves the iiCSA as these police, CPS and judge have acted institutionally to cover up child rape of my daughter, and the defendant's daughter.
3.2. It involves the Attorney General as there are serious non disclosures.
3.3. It involves the Lord Chief Justice and Lord Chancellor as it involves serious judicial corruption.
4. I am available as a witness now, as I will be available as a witness should an appeal be required. 
Tom Dobbie 

12th Feb. Email from Magistrates Court to Tom Dobbie

Good afternoon
Your email has been forwarded to a legal adviser who replies as follows:
“The Magistrates’ Court is not a court of record and any notes taken by the District Judge are for his use only and will not be released. Further, Mr Dobbie will need to contact the CPS directly with the questions that he raises.”
Any further correspondence should be sent to Regards

11th Feb 2019 Notes for case file from Tom Dobbie.

Mon after court. Very brief hearing. Judge HHJ Everitt gave absolute discharge on both cases. Vile Pickthall turned up with Karen so they could gloat to see me sent to prison,(because I was not concentrating on what he was trying to force me to do , which was to help him get compensation from CWAC) he was devastated that I was discharged - really nasty vile man.

7th Feb 2019 Notes in case file. Tom Dobbie for Chester Crown Court

Got terrible head problems, so this may be my last entry until the court on the 11th. Important parts for the 11th sentencing hearing are -
1. Effect of the appeal
1.1. Application being made now.
1.2. awaiting scanned copy of the judges notes from the magistrates court.
1.3. They have already informed me that there is no possibility of a transcription (meaning the case could never be open to public scrutiny: the magistrates court would be breaking statute).
1.4. Awaiting CPS confirmation of police witness perverting the course of justice,
1.5. Awaiting CPS confirmation that police and CPS yet again carried out non disclosures of substance.
2. Effect of mitigation, which actually is all of the evidence and witnesses that were unlawfully avoided in the magistrates court in order for it to be judged as reasonable to cover up child rape, child sexual abuses etc.
3. All of the evidence and witnesses in the Crown court case laid on file is actually what is in 2 above.
4. The defence requests that the sentencing is adjouned until after the appeal is heard, and the appeal is dealt with by resurrecting the case laid on file - they constitute the same thing.
5. Probation, as usual (see probation ) are desperate to paint any person allocated to them in the worst possible light, and to get them incarcerated by any means. This is criminally aggravated by CPS and Cheshire police desperate to gag and abuse Dobbie by any means.
5.1. Probation wished to justify incarcerating me because they said I could not stop trying to rescue my children ( a heinous crime in their eyes , and, I recorded the probation interview, so it verifies what i am saying). They said that this meant I would not stop sending messages, and would therefore break part 10 of the CBO - they were using the uncorrected CBO, and had used a renumbered version as supplied by CPS in the magistrates case.
5.2. There is no justification to remand the defendant as he is not going to need to do anything to break the current CBO, or interfere with the course of justice. His time will be spent with his Archbold 2019 setting out all of the detailed legal arguments for his defence.
6. I am applying here for a restraining order preventing Robert Pickthall from contacting me or attending court when I am on trial as he has repeatedly tried to harass me and interfere with legal proceedings in court. (his latest today). The level of his malevolance can be grasped from the fact that he is telling a primary care mental health patient (psychiatrist reported ICD10:F43 at battle fatigue level because his children are abused and he is prevented from rescuing them) that he (Pickthall) is glad my (Dobbie) children are now being fathered by the abuser.

6th Feb 2019. Notes in case file.

Court has replied and informed me that HHJ Everett has not been angry at me, contrary to my stalker stirring things up ( today, the stalker sent another message implying I have 4 days before the court sends me to prison). This harassment has been reported to Cheshire police previously, and they just ignore me ( they see it as revenge for me reporting their criminal acts against my children and me). More importantly, I have made many unanswered applications to these courts - 1. applications to quash the unlawful injunction in 2015, 2. applications to defend myself in Crown Court in 2017, 3. applications to a appeal the unilateral 2017 declaration of guilt by judge Dutton, 4. applications to quash the fraudulant claim that was approved by judge Sanderson in order for my ex to lie to the court and steal the equity on the house I paid for. 5. applications to create an injunction preventing Cheshire police from harassing me. 6. being done now is the application to appeal the magistrates court judgement.

6th Feb 2019 Email from Tom Dobbie to Chester Magistrates.

Hi Emma, 
Part1. Can you please pass on my message to Deputy District Judge O. Jones.
Dear deputy district Judge O Jones
DDJ1.  In line with statute (that the judiciary and their decisions are subject to public scrutiny) , can you please supply me with unredacted photocopies of the pages of your notes on my trial in front of you. These should be scanned at 300 dpi grayscale and transmitted electronically to this email address as proof of sending, and an audit trail of documentation. 
DDj1.1.  In particular, why my previous and current submissions were prevented from being included, 
DDJ1.2. In particular , why my previous and current list of approved witnesses was prevented.
DDJ1.3.   In particular, why my previous and current evidence was prevented. 

Part2.Dear Emma, can you please pass this on to the CPS who was prosecuting me that day. 
Dear CPS, 
CPS1. can you please explain why you mislead the magistrates court in saying -
CPS1.1. That the ONLY reason for HHJ Everitt put my case on file is because it would have used too many resources and thus not be in the public interest. 
CPS1.2. You wilfully missed out what  HHJ Everett had said about the high compliance Mr Dobbie had with the CBO, and it was a very minor infringement.
CPS1.3.  You fully accepted your policeman witness to pervert the course of justice  in denying child rape and its cover up which he had seen the evidence of.
CPS1.4.  You wilfully accepted your policeman witness pervert the course of justice  by allowing him, and yourself, to not disclose evidence on the very emails you both used as prosecution evidence. 
CPS1.5.  You wilfully accepted your policeman witness pervert the course of justice by allowing him to cover up the theft of computing equipment carried out by Cheshire police.
CPS2.  Also, please explain why the notes passed to probation had multiple mistakes and did not contain the correct reasons the case was laid on file in the Crown Court.and did not inform probation that HHJ Everitt had changed the CBO,  leaving probation with the original CBO and an intention to do everything possible to imprison me (them saying the terms of the original CBO could not be met with me trying to rescue my children and therefore I must be forced to prison).

4th Feb 2019. Email Tom Dobbie to Chester Crown Court.

Dear Clerk to the courts, Chester Crown Court, Can you please pass this on to HHJ Everett, and CPS.
1. My stalker sent me an email again, this time claiming HHJ Everett was angry with me because I had missed a court appearance. (see details of my stalker who Cheshire police do nothing about below in my email to the magistrates court just before the strange trial on the 14th Jan 2019) .
1.1. As proof of his claim, he attached a photograph of a printout for Court 3 , Chester Crown Court on 23rd Jan 2019.
1.2. I cannot verify if this is real, because my on-line access is not allowing me access to any appearances on that week.
1.3. There was no mention of any appearance for the Crown Court made by Magistrates, Crown or even by my attendance in the Crown Court on 21st to meet with probation. So I am perplexed how this appearance for the 23rd became listed without the defendant being informed.
1.4. Having said that, I have an audit trail of applications to these courts from 2017 that have simply been ignored, including appeal applications from 2017 onward.
1.5. I will update this information, and be including my report on the probation interview which had serious irregularities and errors.
1.6. My update will include the appeal against the magistrate judges opinion and the irregularities in that trial that managed him to find reasonable the child rape, child sexual abuses and all the other crimes and cover ups.
1.7 There is either quite serious non compliance between these courts and statute, or a severe misunderstanding of language and logic and procedures. I will elaborate in my submission for the 11th Feb in the next two days.

copy of email to magistrates of 14 Jan 2019 (see below) was included with this. That email includes information about my stalker who repeatedly sends vile emails and comments , and Cheshire police do not stop him

4th Feb 2019 Email from Magistrates to Tom Dobbie

Good Afternoon,
Further to my colleagues email below, the name of the Judge who sat on your case on 14th January 2019 was Deputy District Judge O. Jones.Kind Regards Emma

31st Jan 2019 Email from Magistrates to Tom Dobbie

Good Afternoon,Thank you for your email the Legal Advisers have considered your request and you are entitled to appeal against your conviction and an appeal notice is enclosed for you to complete and send to the Crown Court at Chester.As regards the other points this is the response:-You are not entitled to the District Judges personal notes, but a request can be sent to him as to whether he has any and is willing to disclose them There are no audio recordings of the trial, and the recording of Magistrates Court hearings is illegal There is no record of history of submissions made by yourself other than the emails previously sent in and saved on our court file Your request for the name of the District Judges is being looked at by a different Department and a reply will be sent to you in due course.  Thank you. Regards, Cheshire Magistrates Court 01244 405790

28th Jan 2019. Notes in case file.

Tom Dobbie has attended Chester Courts in excess of 120 times in the last 8 years ( Family, County, Magistrates, Crown) in order to rescue and protect his children. This saga, has provided a wealth of hard evidence, that these Chester courts, CPS, CWAC and Cheshire police have all, repeatedly acted unlawfully, criminally and malevolently. I can only report that this case is on a parallel with the Dreyfus Affair in terms of abuse of power across the board. The repeated rewriting of applications and evidence has created a large map of all this criminality , that is disingenuously used as camouflage by CPS, police, judges pretending it is too complex for such simple people. Therefore, it is necessary now to archive all of the previous applications with their audit trail intact, and to start again,with the ongoing legal, moral, historic arguments in this new layout. The layout meets the requirements of CPR, and good reporting practices and all legal points by Dobbie are backed up with reference to Archbold ( 2014, 2016, 2018, and now 2019) and on line CPS, MOJ and statute by HMG. The core skeleton argument used in the magistrates since pre April 2018, and the case for the prosecution declared ultra vires by the judge in 2018, and subsequently all submissions, witnesses and evidence refused by the next new judge in the Magistrates court on Jan 14th 2019 ; and this latest judge's OPINION finding Dobbie guilty in a trial with no witnesses, no evidence, no application - - guilty of reporting crimes by Cheshire Police to the Attorney General. Dobbie appeals this unlawful trial and bizarre finding by this corrupt judge.

15th Jan 2019 Email from Tom Dobbie to Chester Magistrates

Dear Clerk to the court, Chester Magistrates Court, 
1. As I will be ;lodging an appeal on the decision of the judge yesterday in the case of Regina v Tom Dobbie  , can you please supply the following - 
1. 1 . The judges hand written notes.
1.2.  The audio tape of the trial.
1.3. The history of submissions made by the defendant from start to end in this case.
1.4. The name of the judge, the name of the CPS.

Dear Clerk to the Court, Chester Crown Court , 
1. I am informing the Crown Court that I am lodging an appeal. 
2. I request the appeal is dealt with by  the lifting from file, the case that was laid on file previously.  The cases are identical, and we simply have one judge in the magistrates whose judgement on reasonable would never be agreed by any jury. 
3. My notes below should be placed on the file -

14th Jan 2019 Unlawful Trial at Chester Magistrates Court.

(criminality by judge, cps, cheshire police)
Defendants notes during trial and summing up in the magistrates court on Monday 14th Jan 2019. . 
A. The latest judge
1. Refused all submitted all applications previous, and current,
2. Refused all witnesses previous and current ,
3. Refused all submitted evidence, previous and current. 
4. only allowed  verbal discussion from the defendant (me) 
5. pronounced me guilty, and off to the Crown Court on 11th Feb for sentencing to prison. B. According to this latest judge, 
I am without reasonable cause to break a cbo that prevents me reporting crimes by Cheshire police -
1. A CBO that was changed to stop it being unlawful - after they charged me.
2. An unlawful CBO created by Cheshire police, and approved by their freemason crony judges.
3. A CBO that states it is not allowed for me to report crimes by Cheshire police.
4. So, I am found guilty because these defences in law were not accepted as reasonable by this judge -
4.1. Not reasonable to report evidenced child rape being caused, and covered up by Cheshire police.
4.2. Not reasonable to report evidenced child sexual abuses caused, and covered up by Cheshire police.
4.3, Not reasonable to report evidenced child battering and abuses caused, and covered up by Cheshire police.
4.4. Not reasonable to report evidenced domestic violence, coercion, harassment, caused and covered up by Cheshire police.
4.5. Not reasonable to report evidenced theft and fraud to steal occupance and equity of a house I solely paid for.
4.6. Not reasonable to report the evidenced willful interference and complete destruction of my personal finances , to Cheshire police
4.7. Not reasonable to report the evidenced wilful interference and complete destruction of my high tech company , to Cheshire police 
4.8. Not reasonable to report the evidenced extensive Human rights breaches against Tom Dobbie and his children by Cheshire police.
.4.9 Not reasonable to stop the evidenced ongoing abuses of my children, caused, permitted and covered up by Cheshire police.
4.10 Not reasonable to report evidenced torture and harassment by Cheshire police on the defendant.
4.11. Not reasonable to report evidenced  theft and fraud assisted by Cheshire police. Dear  Attorney General, Monday was simply more evidence of corruption and unlawful trials  taking place in Chester. 
1. No proper tre trial management.
2. No evidence accepted from the defence.
3. No witnesses accepted from the defence.
4. A judge who makes child rape and it's cover up 'reasonable' .....and many more vile and criminal acts he says are reasonable....
5. The judiciary has sunk to a vile level , and needs sorting out.
6. Let's call a referendum on this evidence, with all of the judges involved properly facing the checks and balances of public scrutiny. 
C.  Monday was simply even more evidence and documentation showing more corruption by Cheshire authorities (judiciary, police, cps , ss

11th Jan 2019 Email from Tom Dobbie to Chester Magistrates .

Dear Clerk to the court, Chester Magistrates Court, can you please forward this urgently to the judge and cps in the case  Regina  v  Tom Dobbie listed for 10.00 Monday 14th January 2019 at Chester Magistrates Court.
1. There has been no pre trial management of this case. Some attempts were made, but nothing was done. 
2. The previous judge declared the trial as Ultra Vires. He gave his reasons, but never issued his findings in traceable documents or communications.
3. This trial, is identical to the trial that was held in Chester Crown Court. 
3.1. The Crown Court ordered the ungagging of Tom Dobbie which greatly displeased the corrupt and criminal Cheshire police; as they were yet again having their vile crimes against Dobbie and his children exposed. 
3.2. The Crown Court has the case laid on file on the basis it did not constitute a crime worth the hassle of a trial.
4. This prevented the evidence of the crimes by Cheshire police from being exposed in the trial, but not on public media.
4.1. Dobbie has since published many more details about the crimes by Cheshire police in the public domain.
4.2. It is the duty of any morally decent citizen to expose the crimes by corrupt and criminal Cheshire police who bring the police into gross disrepute.
5. I insist this trial goes ahead and the evidence to support the requirement of guilty or not (as deemed already by the Crown Court ) is heard.
5.1. The decision of guilty or not was agreed as 'can the defendant show reasonable cause for exposing and reporting the crimes carried out by Cheshire police' .
5.2. The defendant has over 100 evidenced crimes carried out, propagated, enabled, caused by corrupt and criminal Cheshire police. These must be heard to decide on the reasonableness of Dobbie's reporting.
6. The case for Dobbie was previously issued to the court on DVDrom , paper , and on a weblink url . - as was the Crown Court case.
6.1. The content of both cases is identical, apart from the case blogs, covering the admin and activities of the cases.
6.3. The defendant did not update the magistrates case pages after the Ultra Vires decision, but continued to update the  Crown Court pages.
6.4. This included a new section about how the judiciary in Chester were party to the criminality (especially judges Dutton, Pearce, Woodward, Barnett ),
6.5. and a new section on the serious effects on the victims of these crimes by Cheshire police.
6.6. The current application will follow the Crown Court application as it is more up to date, and the blog will be ammended to show this.
7. Witnesses were declared and informed to the magistrates court requesting that these witnesses are called. 
7.1. To date, the magistrates court has not indicated any activity to inform, or ensure witnesses attend.
7.2. One witness is extremely vulnerable to being abused for giving evidence, and the court were informed about this from the start - over a year ago. They appear to have done nothing to protect this witness other than hiding her from giving evidence -
i.e. the magistrates court is assisting in the cover up of child rape, child sexual abuses, child battering, child emotional abuses, domestic violence. 
8. A man, Robert Pickthall has been harassing and stalking the defendant and his friends in order to interfere with the trial.
8.1. This is evidenced in emails sent by Pickthall. 
8.2. Pickthall intends to appear on Monday 14th to further interfere with the defendant and this case.
8.3. Pickthall has tried to manipulate, force and coerce the defendant now, and before. 
9. If the police, CWAC, judges , others do not turn up as witnesses, then Dobbie has the evidence to show of their criminality anyway
9.1. If they do not turn up to challenge the evidence, then in the normal adversarial manner of law, the evidence is accepted as is presented with the evidence. 
10.  Here is the link to the current magistrates application submitted previously. The added sections from the Crown Court case will be added today. Two printouts will be supplied to the court along with two DVDrom's (apart from the new sections , these are identical to the previous supplied as hardcopy and DVDrom's )    
Regard Tom Dobbie

29th Nov 2018.Email from Tom Dobbie to Cheshire Police.

Dear Sir/Madam, Can you please relay to the highest authority in Cheshire Police that I wish to have a meeting with them to review/discuss the consequences of yesterdays hearing in Chester Crown Court where I have been ungagged and now allowed to report crimes by Cheshire Police to the authorities as well as the public.
regards, Tom Dobbie

29th Nov 2018 Email from Tom Dobbie to Crown Court to Tom

Hi Julie, I submitted forms yesterday N244 and ex160 requesting the court to quash a previous injunction based on it's unlawful abuse of process (in case law).  Do I need to resubmit these, or are the ones submitted now  being processed ?  Link
Reply by Julie. Hi Mr Dobbie I have forwarded your email to our listing dept. as I do not deal with these requests
Kind regards, Julie

28th Nov. Email from Tom Dobbie to Crown Court.

Dear Julie, can you please forward this email with its links to H.H.J Everett and CPS . Thank you.
Changes to full application - 
see -  
and in particular new page -

27th Nov 2018 Email. Tom Dobbie to Crown Court

Dear Clerk to the Court and CPS (Chester Crown Court), please pass this on to the judge and CPS in the case of Regina v Tom Dobbie.
1. The judge kindly said that I could keep him and CPS informed of any changes, developments by Email. I have been psychologically poorly and only now am forcing myself to give feedback and updates as part of my submissions. I cannot convey with words how vile all of this abuse and torture on my children and me is - but I've given a short summary of some words in a new section called 'victims' .
2. I have started expanding the witnesses by linking each witness to an N20 form, but this cannot be concluded for 28th Nov.
3. I am submitting an additional form for altering the original injunction after acquittal to be fully removed, as it was created by an unlawful procedure.
(  original order  ) 
(  2nd version  ) 
N244 and E160 attached below.
4. The matter of the theft of my property by fraud on the court by CAD, assisted by Cheshire Police and CWAC has currently taken a higher priority. The CSA is chasing me for money that was fraudulently claimed by CAD, who never told the CSA that she was living in a house paid for by me, and additionally being funded with free heating and water heating paid for by me. The CSA knew I had no longer any funds, and they put a charge of £4k on my house. Subsequently, CAD made a fraudulent application in a fraudulent ex parte hearing to have the equity of the house assigned solely to her (having never paid 1 pence to the house payments). Cheshire West document used to perjure the family court was subsequently used to defraud the county court. Cheshire police assisted CAD by chasing Tom Dobbie all over the place in multiple arrests and incarcerations and keeping Tom Dobbie from reporting crimes. When all of this was reported to Cheshire police, they told Tom Dobbie that Cheshire police do not deal with fraud or theft. The County Court has made it very hard work chasing down the correct application to reverse their order  based on fraud.  ) 
I ask the court to consider an application forcing Cheshire police to investigate the fraud and theft and harassment and torture and cover up of crimes, and, an application to stop CSA chasing debts based on criminal acts.
5. I made applications to both Chester Crown Court and Chester Magistrates Court for an injunction (    )  against Cheshire Police to stop there persistent harassing, abusing, terrorising and torturing me. These applications have completely been ignored by both courts; again, this is a matter for the Attorney General in matters of contempt of court. 
6. Cheshire Police had torture reported to them, and completely ignored it - which is another criminal offence by them (  ) 
7. Cheshire Police burgled my flat and stole a £500 tablet and £350 laptop. ( ) and having recorded the crime twice, now simply ignore their burglary.  ) 
regards, Tom Dobbie 

27th Nov 2018 Email. Tom Dobbie to Crown Court

Dear Julie , please relay to H.H.J Everett and CPS that I have been working on additional material to support my application in tomorrow's pre trial management hearing. However, I am behind, as I feel very sick every time I sit down and try to type everything out. 
I will try my best to update the application and get the details by email to the court later today (I am at the mercy of having access, or not, to the internet : all due to the criminal abuses raining down on my children and me). Additionally, I will carry hardcopy only of changes for judge and CPS to the court tomorrow, along with a new issue of the whole submission on a dvd each for judge and cps. 

8th Nov 2018 Email Tom Dobbie to Crown Court.

Dear Clerk to the Court and CPS (Chester Crown Court), please pass this on to the judge and CPS in the case of Regina v Tom Dobbie.
1. There are two very special police who I need to call as witnesses (over and above those already stated ) .
1.1. D.C. Humpage
1.2. Gary Smith T/Detective Chief Inspector.
1.3. These two between them are evidenced as covering up the child abuses that are collectively reported by
1.3.1. Codenane : Alice
1.3.2. Alice's own mum
1.3.1. mum's own Email stating her violence and abuses
1.3.2. mum's own acceptance of CH (social services reporting mum's violence and abuses),
1.3.3. mum's own acceptance of CAFCASS reporting her violence and abuses
1.4. Graham Dean's video evidence taken by police
1.5. Available neighbours as witnesses
1.6. Dad's reporting.
2. These two between them avoided and ignored a large amount of evidence, ignored witnesses, bizarrely come to the conclusion that Graham's reporting of crime had not been reported and recorded correctly by Cheshire police
3. These two say they don't believe there were any abuses because they asked the criminal mum, who said she never did any of these.
4. This little exercise shows that either Cheshire police are up to their necks in lying, or, they are idiots who cannot possibly justify being employed.
4.1. Either way, it shows criminality in covering up a multiplicity of crimes.
5. All of the documents showing what is stated above are available already, but can be re submitted if you cannot find them.

7th Nov.2018. Email Tom Dobbie to Chester Crown Court

Dear Clerk to the court, Chester Crown court, please pass this on to the judge in the case of Regina v Tom Dobbie - trial management hearing on Friday 9th Nov.
1. The judge suggested in the previous hearing that the case was probably not in the public interest, and that the CPS should consider if or not to pursue the case, or lay it on file.
2. I fully oppose the dropping of the case, unless a judicial review is agreed by the judge into how such a mountain of criminality by Cheshire Police, CWAC, CPS and judges in Chester County, Chester Magistrates and Chester Crown Court, has managed to run through approximately 8 years of around -
2.1. 117 court appearances ,
2.2. 16 arrests into overnight custody,
2.3. 5 times remanded totalling two years,
2.4. one sectioning - in order to have psychiatrists verify what the defendant was reporting was real, witnessed, evidenced.,
2.5. the rape, sexual abuses and battering of children ( and other child abuses)
2.6. the destruction of the defendants life ( Human rights breaches as stated in the defendant's application to the court)
2.7. the destruction of all personal finances of the defendant - including the organised theft of his home
2.8. the destruction of the defendants businesses ( estimated net worth of damages at approximately £1.6 million pounds some 4 years ago)
2.9. the harassment of the defendant by cheshire police
2.10 the theft of property Cheshire police burgled from the defendants flat, while they had lied to have him remanded out of the way.
2.11. in all, the acts of criminality by the executive will be found to add up exceeding 100 crimes.
2.12. and all of these crimes and their covering up by Cheshire police, CPS, CWAC, judiciary give over 100 reasonable causes for the defendant writing his emails reporting crimes by Cheshire police to higher authorities.
3. To say this is not in the public interest would simply be an act of complicity in the crimes carried out against the defendant and his children.
4. If CPS wish to continue their complicity to crimes and the covering up of evidence,rather than admit them,then all of the witnesses and evidence showing -
4.1. explicit,
4.2. implicit,
4.3. individually and
4.4. jointly that there is reasonable cause must go ahead in the Crown Court trial allowing for the scrutiny of the public in what is already a course of conduct of gross misconduct by the executive.
4.5. The public interest must see clearly why the executive has spent probably around £2 million pounds of public funds to propagate and cover up child rape, child sexual abuses and a host of other serious and vile crimes. 5. Note: Robert Pickthall above, has been included because he is a witness on the criminality by CWAC stealing funds from the public purse, and then viciously setting about those (Dobbie et al ) reporting CWAC's criminality - in particular, judge Dutton's mistress Vanessa Whiting.
5.1. The list of witnesses already put forward by the defendant is a brief list, there are many more public and professionals as witnesses to possibly call on.
5.2. The list of evidence (including documents hyperlinked in the defendants application, and supplied on the DVD rom to CPS and judge) is only a brief list of the evidence showing extensive criminality by the executive. A full list can be easily made from the multiple cloud sites, or on a portable hard drive ( as was supplied previously to the last trial in the Crown Court where ALL of the evidence was ignored from trial management onwards in an act of criminality across police, solicitor, barrister, CPS, judges).

7th Nov 2018. Email Tom Dobbie to Chester Crown Court

Dear recipients, Please ensure these get forwarded to The Attorney General and to Alison Saunders DPP.
Dear Clerk to the court, Chester Crown court, please pass this on to the judge in the case of Regina v Tom Dobbie - trial management hearing on Friday 9th Nov.
1. The courts in Chester are up to their necks in contempt of court, both wilful, and criminally negligent.
1.1. It is under the Attorney General's direct obligation to stop it.
1.2. It is his department's responsibility to bring to account those who are abusing power to gain favour to their cronies in these Chester courts.
1.3. I am requesting the Attorney General as a witness in the case Regina v Tom Dobbie, where he will testify about unlawful and criminal acts by the executive.
2. Alison Saunders correctly stated that things carried out by CPS were her responsibility.
2.1. On her watch, her cps were involved directly in putting a child into harms way, and consequently raped, then sexually abused.
2.2. On her watch, her cps were heavily involved in repeated wilful acts of covering up evidence to prevent the children being protected.
2.3. Alison Saunders, a self professed feminist has allowed her team to enable, propagate, and then cover up child sexual abuses and other crimes.
2.4. I am requesting Alison Saunders as a witness in the case Regina v Tom Dobbie, where she will testify about unlawful and criminal acts by the executive.
Details of the case for your preparation can be downloaded from - this link ...

29th Oct 2018. Notes and Email Tom Dobbie to Chester Crown Court.

My little boys birthday was over a week ago, and because of the criminality of police, cps, judiciary, I have no idea if he is alive or well. All while these vile police, cps and judges sit on their rancid sphincters self congratulating that they have gotten away with child abuse and torture amongst many other crimes.
Email to Chester Crown Court requesting clarification about explicit/implicit , and an important witness.
Dear Clerk to the court, Chester Crown Court , (29th Oct) please pass this on to the judge and CPS in this case
( next case management hearing is on 9th Nov )
1. How is it possible that gross non disclosure has been allowed in this case and the magistrates case, and the previous Crown Court case ( the one where Dutton acknowledged from the solicitors and Barrister that not one piece of the extensive evidence submitted by the defendant had been looked at all the way through from charges being brought, through case management, through the bizarre trial with no evidence, no jury , and the defendant told he was guilty even though he never made an unequivocal plea ) ?
1.1. The latest issue of CPS of the Code for Crown Prosecutors states clearly -
Under the revised guidelines on disclosure, prosecutors must consider whether there is any material held by the police or material that may be available which could affect the decision to charge a suspect with any crime. It is quite clearly evidenced that this has not been done in this current case, or the previous cases.
1.2. This means that ALL of my evidence must be heard, and ALL of my witnesses must be produced.
2. The case cannot be dropped or put on file as it evidences the gross criminal abuse of process by the executive.
2.1. Putting the case on file leaves the innocence of the defendant unanswered, and this is not tenable.
3. There is a raging debate across a lot of professors, doctors and graduates about this case. Some are concerned that my submission has too much that is implicit, rather than explicit. They feel this is easily misconstrued or dismissed by disingenuous arguments by the executive.
3.1. My own position is that the Overriding Objective must necessarily prevent the abuse of implicit evidence. If this is not the case in law, then please advise me, and I will re write every single thing out as explicit.
4. A witness missed out is the MP Justin Madders. He was presented with documents showing my daughter had been raped, sexually abused, and the children violently abused - and, that CWAC had covered it up.
4.1. He wrote to CWAC, and Gerald Meehan replied to him stating everything had been investigated. This reply was even though I had shown Justin Madders a letter from CWAC saying they had not, and were not investigating these matters.
4.2. Cheshire police colluded with CWAC in the cover up of the crimes, and the subsequent criminal acts against the children and Dobbie.
4.3. Justin Madders refused to take the matter further because his wife is a senior executive in CWAC.
4.4. The documents shown to Justin Madders , and his reply from Meehan are all in the overall evidence bundle and an email audit trail exists.
4.5. So, I will be calling Justin Madders as a witness .
5. Note to iiCSA.
This is a case for the iiCSA that has extensive auditable evidence right from the start. The evidence and the audit trails show clearly the multiple tactics and strategies by criminals in the executive to cover up child sexual abuses.
regards, Tom Dobbie

18th Oct 2018. Email Tom Dobbie to Crown Court

Please see attached note from my psychiatrist about my health deteriorating further because the criminal abuses by CWAC, police, courts just goes on and on and on ....

14th Oct 2018 Email Tom Dobbie to Crown Court

Hi Julie, I hope you are well. Thank you for the email. Please pass this on to the CPS and judge. 
I think my submission handed in on Friday meets with what the judge is recorded as saying. Although I was not in agreement to just dropping the case, or putting it on file. To do these would be just another cover up of crimes against my children and me; judges are supposed to stop criminality, not participate in them. My mind is a bit slow just now, as they have increased my medications yet again. My psychiatrist is reporting degradation from ICD10:f43 at extreme level to now best described as ICD10:F41.2 .This is terribly sad, and I cried for my children, and for all the evil people assisting in abusing them. The ICD10:F43 is like PTSD extreme symptoms, but is closer to cPTSD as the trauma (torture) stressors are ongoing. This trauma (torture) has been going on so long now that I still have the extreme abused symptoms of ICD10:F43,
but I have wearied and become exhausted at the deepest mental levels into depression as well as more suicidal. So the move to ICD10:F41.2. It seems Chester is trying to get higher up on the infamy list than the Dreyfus affair, and it is only a matter of time until the UN and ECHR will, eventually take action against the English police, CPS and judiciary for torturing me and abusing my children.
I have to survive long enough to rescue my children. They latest psychiatrist letter was handed in with my submission and the list of Human Rights breaches being entertained by police, CPS and judiciary. The witness list relates witnesses who have been involved in the 'reasonable' cause to report these crimes to the Attorney General et al. An important question is how such a huge number of crimes can repeatedly be overseen and participated in by police, CPS and judiciary. I will hand in a DVD copy for judge and CPS on Thursday of this week. In the meantime, electronic linked versions can be obtained from below - 
Case blog - - Link1
Case outcome requirement -- Link 2
 What would a real judge do ?
1. Continue the case with all evidence allowed, and no cover ups,and all crimes evidenced put forward for a real investigation of all of the crimes (there has been such a mountain of lies already by Cheshire police, that the task should be put forward to an inquiry run by iiCSA or by the Hillsborough solicitors); or 
2. Drop the case, but only on the basis of instituting a real inquiry as above.
Witness list - People who have created reasons for Tom Dobbie to report crimes by Cheshire Police to higher authorities -
Link3Witnesses regards, Tom Dobbie

5th October 2018. Email Reply from Crown Court to Tom Dobbie.

Dear Mr Dobbie , Please see below H.H.J Everett’s notes form the Pre-trial review hearing Listed for a pre-trial hearing on 28 September 2018. Prosecuting – Richard Edwards. Mr Dobbie represented himself. Currently this case is listed for trial in week commencing 7 January 2018. However, it is not clear whether the defendant has received a full paper file of the prosecution case – bearing in mind he has chosen to represent himself. Consequently I directed that the prosecution prepare two bundles of the prosecution papers – for the defendant and for the court – and bring those bundles to court to allow Mr Dobbie to collect his copy from them at Chester Crown Court on 12 October 2018. I also reminded Mr Dobbie of the procedure concerning the preparation and service of a defence statement. I encouraged him to prepare a defence statement, and also; a witness list indicating (1) the witnesses from the prosecution he required and (2) a list of witnesses that he intended to call at the forthcoming trial. He agreed to bring two copies of those documents to Chester Crown Court on 12 October 2018 when he collects his copy of the prosecution papers. This case is also further listed for a pre-trial hearing – reserved to me – on 9 November 2018 – when Mr Dobbie must attend. I granted him unconditional bail until that date. However, finally, I discussed the merits of this particular case in open court. The prosecution accepts that Mr Dobbie has not breached many of the requirements Of the Criminal Behaviour Order imposed in September 2017. In reality, he has, by his own admission, sent emails to persons and bodies in authority – e.g. the police, the CPS and the Attorney General – making allegations against, principally, Cheshire police. It is my view of this case, as it currently stands, that it would not be in the public interest to take valuable time of the Crown Court – with a trial by jury – when it could not be argued that any of those persons who received the emails was, in any way, affected by their content. It would have been different had he breached the order by sending messages et cetera to civilians named in the order. However, he did not do so. Consequently I indicated that it was my view that the prosecution should consider seeking to lie the two counts on the file – not to be proceeded with without leave of The Crown Court or the Court of Criminal Appeal – on this occasion. The prosecution must give thought to this prior to 9 November 2018. Mr Dobbie gave every indication that he would be prepared for the case to be dealt with in this way. If both the prosecution and defendant agreed to this course of action, I will make those orders on 9 November 2018 and bring an end to this case...........Julie McEwen ..

28th Sep 2018. Notes in case file.

Attended Crown Court today with a friend - you ALWAYS need witnesses, because these Chester judges, barristers, CPS and police cannot be trusted. The above statement is based on recorded and evidenced acts by these corrupt authorities -
1. Evidence of multiple acts of corruption in 119 court appearances in Chester,
2. 16 unlawful arrests into overnight custody,5 times unlawfully incarcerated on remand adding up to over 2 years,
3. 5 weeks sectioned to prove I was telling the truth,
4. 322 days on tag preventing contact with family and friends,
5. Around 1,000 days of forced isolation,
6. Around 2,000 days of torture, of which
7. over ~900 forced close to suicide,
8. multiple acts of criminality by Cheshire police, including cover up of their crimes,too many acts of wilful non disclosure by police and cps to count, victims of crimes Cheshire police are desperate to criminally cover up, and many witnesses who report the same crimes I am reporting,and, I have top NHS psychiatrists written reports stating that
12.1. I am not deluded, and
12.2. I am reporting evidenced truths.
In simple speaking, evil, criminal people pervade and control the executive branch
of the state in Cheshire and Chester.
I was surprised there was yet again a different judge, saving the last one from publicly recusing himself. The new judge seems a nice chap at face value, but you have to take into consideration that my mind thinks a bit slow nowadays because of all the torture, abuses, harassment and subsequent medications that I am subjected to.
This judge wants new applications from me and CPS by the 12th Oct. I must take mine on paper to the Crown Court and pick up a paper copy of the CPS prosecution case. This judge then went on at length as to if or not the CPS prosecution was in the public interest. He described how my 'crime' constituted something not terribly serious at face value, and if I was found guilty, that any sentence would likely be rather lenient based on how little I had actually done ( because I reported crimes by Cheshire police, and it was Cheshire police who got their cronies in CPS and Chester judiciary to make it a crime for me to report crimes. The fact that this gagging is not just unlawful, but is being used criminally by the police to cover up child rape, child sexual abuses, child battering and a myriad of associated and consequential crimes, seems of little relevance to all the crooked judges , CPS and police in Chester and Cheshire).
It seems to escape these judges that they have a job described in statute that says they cannot wallow in criminality, nor can they reinterpret the law completely different from how it is stated and historically interpreted. Judges Barnett, Pearce, Dutton, Berkson and many others are trashing the law in plain sight and relying on public stupidity to allow them to do this.
So, this new judge seems to have already joined the evil judges in Chester. He is ignoring the serious evidenced crimes in front of him. He is effectively assisting in covering these serious crimes. He is assisting in keeping abused children and a tortured father in criminal perpetuity. This is more of the breaking of the overriding objective of justice as well as breaking the statute behind judicial conduct.
When reality has occured, and the recorded tested evidence of that reality is wholly sufficient, then why do these judges in Chester Courts believe they can repeatedly create a fictitious version of reality ? Is it a mark of stupidity, or criminal stubborness ? Whatever it is, it shows contempt of court, contempt for the justice system, contempt for decency, contempt for public morals. The Attorney General, Lord Chief Justice, Lord Chancelor, Director of CPS, Home secretary are all in on this, they have been informed, they choose criminally to wilful ignorance.
So, it leaves the tortured Tom Dobbie to speak up for justice, moral decency, truth; onwards with yet another retyping of the defendants case and evidence; an act that is mental punishment and torture yet again.

27th Sep 2018. Notes in case file.

I discovered at teatime from a friend contacting me that I am in Chester Crown Court tomorrow. Over three weeks ago they had emailed me saying that the date of the next appearance in court was not fixed, but they would contact me. They never informed me. This happens lots. The authority of the court rests with the chaos of its maladministration - which is contempt of court.

26th Sep 2018. Email from Tom Dobbie to Chester Crown Court.

Dear Clerk to the Court, Chester Crown Court, please pass this on to CPS and (yet to be recused) judge.
1. Further to my previous emails regarding this scandal.
2. I have had over over 114 appearances in Chester Courts, arrested into overnight custody 16 times, remanded into HMP Altcourse 5 times totalling 2 years, put on electronic tag for 322 days ---- injunctions against me reporting crimes, CBO against me reporting crimes.
3. For what ? ....because I reported crimes ......
4. Crimes against who ?
.crimes primarily and originating against my children and me..
.subsequently crimes against the Crown by executives within the justice system.
5. What kind of crimes ? ........
Child rape, child sexual abuses, child physical assaults, child emotional abuses, theft, fraud, harassment, torture, abuse of power, misconduct in public office, contempt of court and more.
6. Why are police covering it up ? .........
.because they were extremely negligent at the start in 2010,and
it spiralled into more and more criminality
as they did everything to cover it all up.
7. Why have judiciary not sorted it out ? .....
because these judges in Chester are hard evidenced as acting criminally ........
to assist police, CPS, barristers all carrying out crimes..
8. Why have higher authorities not sorted it out already ? ......
Theresa May as Home secretary said it was a matter for police ........
and she replied abdicating all responsibility. .........
the Attorney General and Amber Rudd also abdicated responsibility
9. What am I (defendant Tom Dobbie) trying to achieve ?
9.1. The rescue of my children who are forced to be with abusers.
9.2. The exposure of a corrupt system using vast amounts of taxpayers money .....
.to run a literal gangsterland.
10. More than sufficient evidence of crimes ....
is being continually and wilfully ignored ........
by the police, CPS and Courts in Chester.
11. I am currently on charge for reporting crimes ......
crimes by Cheshire Police ........
reporting them to the Attorney General ! and .......
the police in Cheshire have made it a crime to report crimes by Cheshire police.
12. Who let Cheshire police do this ? ......
it is their cronies in Chester CPS and judiciary.
13. The trial for these charges was refused to be processed .........
after being declared Ultra Vires ............
by the judge in Chester Magistrates on 11th May 2018.
14. Identical charges are still now running towards a full jury trial .......
in Chester Crown Court in January 2019.
15. The judge in the Crown Court is already evidenced as - .........
- acting unlawfully, criminally, and ...........
openly acting as a prejudiced advocate against the defendant. .......
and he MUST recuse himself.
16. This judge must now be a witness in this trial ....
which evidences the necessity of reporting crimes by Cheshire police ......
to the Attorney General, Lord Chief Justice, Lord Chancellor, Home Secretary.
17. One Chester judge has already recused himself over all this.
18. This is a SUPERSCANDAL ..against the judiciary ......
created by the collective judiciary in Chester.
19. This is a SUPERSCANDAL ..... against the government.
20. I am a consultant physicist with global business experience, .....
and a lot of friends across the globe backing up all of my evidence.
21. Eventually the truth (highly evidenced and with witnesses) ....will get out fully.
22. See the links in the forwarded file. Also linked here.

23rd Sep 2018. Email from Tom Dobbie to Chester Crown Court.

Yet another Email (immediately below) to Chester Crown Court and to the people at the top of the executive chain who are responsible for the justice system, and it's current lack of moral decency and extensive criminality in Chester.

Tom Dobbie <> 21:28 (2 hours ago)
to chester.crowncourt, Ian.Dobbie, Contact@iiCSA.
Dear Clerk to the court, Chester Crown Court,
Please pass this on to the judge and CPS in the case already declared ULTRA VIRES
by a previous judge. (this has also been submitted to Ministry of Justice for forwarding to the Attorney General, The Lord Chief Justice, The Lord Chancellor and Secretary ).
1. Yet another week of the criminality and and abuses of my children and I has been allowed to pass.
1.1. Judges, CPS, and other executives of the state are involved,
1.2. and contrary to their job descriptions,
1.3. contrary to statute,
1.4. contrary to lawfulness
1.5. contrary to moral decency,
they have allowed these extensive crimes to be covered up and some kept running.
2. The facts in all of this are written, recorded, planted all over the place in duplicates.
2.1. Current and future auditors and students can and will read these facts.
2.2. Since these executives of the state are holding on to some kind of 'Mexican Standoff' , they are wilfully promoting these crimes
3. The judges and CPS must resign and submit themselves to police for arrest and charging.
3.1. That's what real judges who are honourable would do.
3.2. That's what real judges who would not bring the judiciary into gross disrepute would do.
3.3. Only fake judges would plough on trying to keep covering up and propagating these crimes.
4. How far up the ladder of authority does this criminality run ?
4.1. This has previously been copied to the Home Secretary, The Attorney General, The Lord Chief Justice, The Lord Chancellor -
-and -
that they also have hidden themselves, pretending it all doesn't exist. , surely makes these executives part of the conspiracy.
4.2. There are various replies from various executives of the state, but none that show adherence to job descriptions and the expectations of such jobs.
4.3. It is hardly surprising the country is saturated in crimes, but this is proof that the worst vile crimes resides happily right at the top of government. So much for all the petty excuses to give vile judges freedom from possible interference.
......the Devil walks freely in Chester......
5. The history is hard written. The walls will fall down, eventually, and the severity of end response must be proportionate.

18th Sep 2018. Notes in case file.

It was confirmed yesterday that the Crown Court has not ignored my submissions and evidence. This raises very serious problems for the Ministry of Justice about the unlawfulness and criminality being created by the Chester Courts. In response, I emailed Chester Crown Court, with copies to the Attorney General ( because this is extensive evidenced contempt of court - amongst other things , and , it is supposed to be within the remit of the AG to investigate and stop contempt of court, but so far he is happy to let the Chester Courts be run unlawfully) , copied to The Lord Chancellor and Lord Chief Justice because they have a responsibility for judges to behave lawfully and decently (which they are evidenced as not doing).

18th Sep 2018 Email from Tom Dobbie to Chester Crown Court

Dear XX YYYYYY, thank you for your reply. (admin name redacted) (also submitted to Ministry of Justice, AG, LCJ, LC )
This reply raises more questions than it answers.
1. Why did judges and clerks in both magistrates and Crown courts tell me they did not read all documents submitted by me ?
2. Why did the judge in the Crown Court try to hold a summary judgement by not acknowledging the latest relevant submissions, but by only looking at the much earlier submissions sent from prison ?
3. Why have the police, CPS and judges in both courts repeatedly ignored the rape, sexual abuses, physical abuses, psychological abuses of my children, when it has been repeatedly submitted in unambiguous evidence ?
4. Why have the judges repeatedly ignored the evidenced crimes against me by police, CPS, judiciary ?
5. Why have there been evidenced repeated serious breaches of the human rights of my children and me ?
6. Why have both courts ignored the evidence of torture, and simply marched on regardless submitting me to more torture ?
7. It is not tenable that all these police, CPS and judiciary did not know they were carrying out crimes on a biblical scale.
8. The Crown Court in Chester cannot handle this case as it is being institutionally run by vile criminal external parties.
9. The current judge must immediately recuse himself, and the whole case be passed over to the Lord Chancellor, Lord Chief Justice and Attorney General.

12th Sep 2018. Notes in case file

On emailing the magistrates court to get details of what is recorded for the 11th July (I have witnesses, so it will be interesting to see what they try to hide), the court server (computer) reports it is bouncing emails from my Email address. So, I have emailed them from another account requesting an explanation why they are wilfully acting in contempt of court.

11th Sep 2018. Notes in case file.

Page links here updated and made more compact. This must be used now instead of all previous. The previous structure is fully archived following our audit trail requirement.
In the light of the Crown Court moving the date of the next trial management hearing, after receiving the email outlining the requirement of the judge to recuse himself based on impropriety and bringing the judiciary into disrepute, then it has now become necessary to also include the FSO within their remit from the Attorney General. Soon, there will be no honest, or competent, or morally decent people left representing the British Government. It is hardly surprising this cabal want to get far away from having outside authorities poking their noses into this very dirty English laundry.

6th Sep 2018. Email Submission to the highest legal people in UK.

Dear Ministry of Justice, please pass this on to -
The Rt Hon David Gauke MP
Ian Burnett, Baron Burnett of Maldon
The Rt Hon Geoffrey Cox QC MP
Robert Buckland QC MP
Dear All, I am a British subject whose children have been raped, sexually assaulted, physically abused, emotionally abused, falsely imprisoned, and the judiciary in Chester have assisted in these crimes against my children, and they have assisted and propagated a myriad of crimes against me - for exposing these crimes. The evidence has more integrity than needed to back up what I am reporting. I ask your intervention as specified below.
Dear Clerk to the court (Chester Crown Court),
Please pass this on to the CPS and judge in the ULTRA VIRES case of Regina v Tom Dobbie.
1. The current judge must recuse himself.
2. He is evidenced as showing prejudice against the defendant.
3. He is evidenced as permitting and assisting in multiple breaches of Human Rights against the defendant.
3.1. Unfair trial.
3.2. Torture.
3.3. Right to live without fear.
3.4. Right to know his children are ok for the moment.
4. He has shown contempt of court in favour of criminality towards the defendant and his children.
5. The entire court and its infrastructure are evidenced as being repeatedly in contempt of court - hiding applications, hiding evidence, working from arbitrary documents - admitting they frequently lose emails and submissions.
6. I request the Lord Chancellor, the Lord Chief Justice, the Attorney General all to intervene as this is not only within their remit, but is essential to their role within statute. regards, Tom Dobbie .

31st July 2018. Notes in case file

The events below recorded under 19th July leave the current Crown Court case needing considerable changes and a good dose of certainty. The application of the defendant will now have to be expanded to include the evidence, issues and witnesses that were going to be dealt with in the Magistrates Court. This means a much bigger trial than was envisaged by the judge on 26th June. The defendant makes his application to cover these new circumstances and includes actions to try and reduce the requirement for the extra witnesses.

19th July 2018. Notes in case file.

The CPS documents arrived in the post today. There is nothing different from all previous; yet again they have not disclosed the large number of highly evidenced crimes against my children and me. They have not taken any notice of the bizarre events at Chester Magistrates on 11th July, where the judge declared the charges against me as ultra vires and could neither hear the case or dismiss the case. He said all he could do was to send these facts back to the judge who had created this ultra vires situation, and told CPS that it had to go back to judge Dutton. There were a number of reasons that I knew of, that show why these acts by Cheshire Police are unlawful, but the judge in the Crown Court ( a man above the law in his own court) made his ruling why he says these did not amount to abuse of process.

5th Jul 2018.Email from Cheshire Police to Tom Dobbie.

Dear Tom, Thank you for contacting Cheshire Police . In order for an officer to make contact with you we will first to log the incident. If you have no access to 101 then you can provide full details here. If you wish to remain anonymous you can also report the incident via Crime Stoppers on 08005511111 If you would like me to raise an Incident for you I will need
· You full Name, Address including Post code
· What has happened?
· Dates, times, who was involved
· If you know the person, then their details – name address
We will then be able to provide you with an incident number and an Officer from your local Policing Unit will be able to contact you.
Kind Regards, Cheshire Constabulary, Public Contact.

5th Jul 2018.Email from Tom Dobbie to Cheshire Police.

Dear Sir/Madam, I have been directed by a judge sitting in a Chester Court, that it is a matter for the police that the equity and occupation of my house were stolen. I have no telephone to phone out with, so I cannot report it on 101. Can you please arrange for an officer to get the details, or, do you wish me to submit them via Email ? regards , Tom Dobbie

26th June. Notes on Crown Court hearing for abuse of process.

Hearing for abuse of process at Chester Crown Court.Link to judges brief notes for 26th June. Defendant's notes below.
1. The judge started working from my earliest submission made from prison. He said he would make a summary judgment based on that.
1.1. This was not the case I was here for based on the submissions I made.
2. I informed the judge and cps of the multiple communications which I had made after that first submission. The last one was the correct submission for the hearing. I also informed him that I had printed out copies of the main pages, annotated them, paginated them and handed these in to the Crown Court (receipt evidenced).
3. The judge and court staff now found my submissions by email and hardcopy.
4. We now turned to the primary matter on hand - the Abuse of Process Hearing.
5. This new judge seemed to be acting as an advocate in coming to the following directions -
5.1. This judge directed that even though this case by CPS is built on multiple evidenced acts of criminality of willful non disclosure, this is irrelevant in law in this court in this case.
5.2. This judge directed that even though it is evidenced that children have been raped, sexually abused, battered, and other abuses, and, it is being assisted by police, is irrelevant in law in this court in this case.
5.3. This judge directed that even though the police are evidenced as having carried out theft, fraud, misconduct, torture, harassment etc , these are all irrelevant in law in this court in this case.
5.3.1. This judge directed that the police had not stolen my computers, but had legally taken them. This was a peculiar thing for him to say. He has seen no evidence from the police and my evidence trail with crime numbers shows distinct burglary and theft by Cheshire Police This judge says evidence of police criminality is irrelevant in law in this court in this case.
5.3.2. This particular comment from the judge is important, because it shows he is not acting as a judge, but is acting as an advocate to the benefit of the conspiracy with these police; covering things up for them.
5.4. This judge directed that the CBO being used as an instrument of crime, is irrelevant in law, in this court in this case.
5.5. This judge directed that the police refused to examine evidence offered to them by the defendant the judge says is not abuse of process.
5.6. This judge directed that even though the documents identified by the defendant to the interviewing police were the wrong documents, and that the police ignored this, this judge dismissed as 'they have the correct documents' and had no idea what documents the police used in the interviews. Worse, even he was using the wrong documents in this Crown Court at the start of today and the defendant had to point this out to him. We are in Kafka land yet again. 6. The abuse of process is dismissed , even though it sits on over 200 willful non disclosures perverting the course of justice and propagates crimes. 7. The judge directed that all that matters in this case is if the prosecution can prove 4 things -
7.1. That such an order as the CBO exists.
7.2. That Dobbie has been served with it ( the CBO is an order by the court preventing Dobbie from reporting crimes and abuses by Cheshire police - granted in the unlawful trial in 2017. That trial is accepted and evidenced as having no defence evidence at any stage. That trial had no jury. That trial had the defendant pronounced guilty by a judge who is an interested party to have the crimes covered up).
7.3. That Dobbie wrote the emails reporting crimes by Cheshire police to the Attorney General.
7.4. That Dobbie sent the emails.
8. I informed the judge that Archbold states that the charge is correctly 'did these things without Reasonable Cause'. (sending emails reporting crimes)'.
8.1. There was then a period of bum scratching and looking at legal references by judge and prosecutor, followed by various reading out the legal definitions.
8.2. The judge went back to defend the prosecutors case, saying all the prosecutor had to do was prove the 4 things above.
8.3. I challenged the judge again on the charge of 'without reasonable cause'. It is stated as a primary requirement in law, that if the prosecutor brings the charge, the prosecutor needs to prove the charge.
8.3.1. The prosecutor needs to prove there was no reasonable cause.
8.4. The judge responded that all the prosecutor needed to do, was the 4 points he made previously.
8.4.1.I say this is unlawful, and the judge is wrong in law. However, this is a game of shadows and the judge is above the law in his own court. 8.5. The judge says it is up to a jury to decide if or not there was reasonable cause.
8.6. I'm happy with this as proceeding now, as I have over a hundred reasonable causes to report crimes by Cheshire Police.
8.6. The judge knows I have a hundred or so reasons for putting forward as 'reasonable cause' . So, he warns me that any evidence from previous trials and events will almost certainly be excluded in the allowed evidence.
8.6.1. The history cannot removed if bad character evidence is introduced.
9. The rest of the time was taken up with planning the trial with various events and submissions before the real trial taking place around January 2019.
10. I felt very sick on the way home, and had to let myself pass out on the bus (people just think your sleeping).
10.1. Why was I ill ? All these people, all their effort - all to keep my children and me in criminal abuse.
10.2. This is what it feels like having my children abused a thousand times over 8 years - all while these people get highly paid and dress up in batman cloaks and wigs - all to cover up crimes and child abuses.
10.3. I truly am in an occupied territory; just like millions previous and current, but, at least I have a fighting chance in a game of shadows.

22n June 2018 Notes by Email.

The Crown Court has for the first time since 11th May sent an Email to Tom Dobbie. Dobbie has sent a number of Emails previously without any replies; even using resolver to try and chase up any response from the court.
The court now wishes to consider moving the abuse of process hearing to Warrington on 29th June. The defendant fully opposes such a move on the grounds of -
1. The defendant is unwell physically and mentally, to such a degree that getting to Warrington and back is too distressing. He very rarely comes out of his tiny flat; this residence situation being forced on him by the abusers destroying his business, destroying his personal finances, stealing his home, making him homeless - all these acts evidenced as criminal, that Cheshire police assisted in. The defendant is a primary mental health patient, with this situation being caused by the abusers acting criminally.
2. The defendant has no money and lives hand to cap, he is currently worried as his last pair of trousers are coming apart at the backside. The journey to Warrington is excessive wear and tear on this last pair of trousers as well as more expensive than the journey to Chester Crown Court .
3. The evidenced history over the ~ 100 cases involving Tom Dobbie in Chester courts shows these courts as being repeatedly brought into gross disrepute by acts of the executive. It is essential for the Chester Courts to demonstrate that they are no longer tolerating unlawfulness or putting their cronies above the law. Justice must be done and be seen to be done. This case is a chance for Chester Crown Court to show it has moved away from what has been evidenced so far as bringing the judiciary into gross disrepute.
4. The bulk of the witnesses are much closer to Chester Crown Court, and this not only is much less disruptive, but cheaper for all involved.
5. The defendant had noted the day of the abuse of process hearing as the 26th June while on videolink from HMP Altcourse. The trial day seems to have moved to the 29th. There has been no mention previously of the trial date from Chester Crown Court moving to the 29th - I don't oppose this date of the 29th at Chester Crown Court. Although there is the issue of there being no trial preparation; the defendant tried to communicate with the court, cps and police, but nobody has replied to anything - apart from my bike being stolen, which generated a visit from Cheshire police.
In trial preparation, I have submitted a list of witnesses, but the arrangements for witnesses has not been addressed - especially the witness who previously has been threatened not to tell anyone about these crimes.
6. The defendant has submitted an N244 to have the case stay at Chester Crown Court.
7. The previous N244 submitted to Chester Crown Court to apply for an injunction to stop Cheshire Police interfering with the course of justice is also outstanding, with no responses after a month.

20th June 2018. Notes .

Please excuse any duplication. The defendant is forced to be a litigant in person because of the previous unlawful trials with currupt defence solicitors and barristers. While forced to be a LIP, the defendant's mind is always in a state of anxiety because of the abuses of his children and himself; forced repeatedly to type all this stuff out, the defendant faces a torrent of distress - which is mostly because he cannot understand how it is possible for overt criminality by the authorities against his children and himself to just keep spiralling on. Due to the critical update on 13th July, a lot of restructuring of the defendants application, notes and skeleton arguments has had to take place. The previous applications still hold in content, and both old and new, address [h-001] CPR requirements for abuse of process, but are now dispersed inside the new structure, with neccessary additions and clarifications. The CPR requirements for the content of the application, as described in [h-002] Annex 2, are met here, albeit in a non contiguous manner. The current content on this web type structure is the master copy. The older version of this 2018 submission in the abuse of process and any downstream cases is still available for audit and referencing. The 2017 bundle, and it's audit trail, are still available. This is the bundle that judge Dutton refused twice, and the barrister and solicitor for the defence admitted they never looked at any defence evidence, and never carried out any signed instructions from their client, the defendant. This is evidenced as without a proper trial, and the defendant guilty for reporting crimes, and guilty for reporting police who are evidenced as covering up crimes. The 2017 trial with no evidence allowed, no jury, and on the say so of a judge whose mistress wanted the defendant silenced is available for public scrutiny as required by statute. In simple terms, if Chester judges want to be evil, the public must be allowed to see their evil acts; and in particular, their abuses of a defendant who is exposing them and their conspirators. The 2015 bundle, and it's audit trail, are still available. This bundle shows extensive abuses of the children and Tom Dobbie, by the primary abusers, the police and cps. That CPS applied wrongfully for an injunction immediately on acquital in 2015 was not just [h001] unlawfully granted, but a deliberate abuse of process and perverting of the course of justice by the CPS prosecutor. These are some parts of the extensive abuse of process and abuse of power and misconduct in public office that has resulted in us being in these 2018 trials.

13th June 2018. Note. CRITICAL UPDATE

To date,[h002] no responses to emails and [003] applications to Chester Crown Court, Chester Magistrates, Cheshire Police have been recieved, other than Cheshire Police arresting me twice and remanding me in order to stop me exposing crimes; and also to stop me attending the [004] Simon Byrne hearing. This has necessitated a more comprehensive layout and linking of eveidence etc. as no doubt CP (Cheshire Police) will arrest me again to stop crimes being evidenced. CP arrest Tom Dobbie again and again to stop him exposing the crimes that CP are determined to act criminally in covering up. CP and Chester CPS then repeatedly pervert the course of justice by saying Tom Dobbie is commiting crimes. The CPS prosecutor at the last Crown Court appearance was saying to the judge that Dobbie should not be given bail because he will not stop reporting these crimes; crimes that the prosecutor is criminally covering up completely against what is evidenced. The previous application to the court is fully archived and available, in line with my auditing policy. There is some very sensitive evidence that will not be shown on these pages or links to these pages. This evidence will only be shown in court and on request without the public seeing it. CPS will not be given this evidence because they are evidenced as criminals perverting the course of justice all through these trials. If the judge sees it necessary, then a copy will be given to CPS on the condition it is never shared without the express permission of a high court judge.
1. All of this miniature set of internally linked html files, is the electronic version of any PDF documents sent to the courts in Chester, as skeleton arguments, submissions, applications, evidence, notes.
1.1. There is a [005] PDF file that has this page and those on the left hand menu assembled as a contiguous document. The text in the pdf copy will always be seen, but depending on where the pdf version is accessed from, some of the hyperlinks may not work. If you are accessing the pdf via the live url's, or from the CD/DVD copy local on your computer, then the links should work. If not, you can get back to this web structured version.
1.2. The defendant has over forty years of high level presentations across the globe, mostly to academic level audiences. It was originally typed documents, acetates, chalk and board markers in the early days. As technology enabled more efficient resources, the defendant used all modern means to communicate. The move from linearly contiguous documentation, to highly branched using hyperlinks was considered the highest level. However, there was the penalty of ambiguity increasing as the hyperlinks count went up, and the audiences ability went down. Hyperlinked documentation, including web based systems, have a very high efficience for saying things that can easily get garbled as the number of ideas or facts or propositions get higher. So, hyperlinked documentation is much preferred, as long as there is always someone available to act as a guide when things get very complex. This current case before Chester Crown Court and Chester Magistrates Court has a ten year history involving hundreds of thousands of documents. However, it is an auditor's dream on the defendant side, because he records and files everything due to his historical position as a consultant physicist and CEO. This is evidentially not the case with Cheshire Police or Chester CPS who repeatedly hide evidence that damns their case and exposes their criminality in abuse of power, abuse of process and perverting the course of justice.
2. Any media files and documents (e.g. evidence ) can be downloaded from here, or from CD roms/DVD roms sent to the court.
2.1. The defendants application is incomplete without the linked documents being included. Cheshire police repeatedly follow hyperlinks if it can be used against a defendant, and they ignore hyperlinks in documents as a method of deliberate and wilful non disclosure. This is repeatedly evidenced in all of Tom Dobbie's submissions, and even in the emails and web pages they download as prosecution evidence. This non disclosure behaviour by Cheshire Police and CPS is endemic [h006] across all 10 years of their involvement in the Dobbie cases. This demonstrates criminal behaviour and a large number of acts of perverting the course of justice.
2.2. To stop these wilful non disclosures, all of the more important hyperlinks here in this application and it's main supporting pages, will be numbered inside square brackets e.g. [003]. The numbers will be contiguous, but not necessarily in page order. Some hyperlinks may be added later, but the [h007] hyperlink audit trail shows when they are added.
3. This work is additional to the previous application and does not replace it.

Corruption, abuse of power, abuse of process.

A. Tom Dobbie has repeatedly informed both the Crown Court and Magistrates Court that -
A1. There has been no traceable hardcopy documents or traceable feedback from the Crown Court or Magistrates Court.
A2. There has been no receipt of any electronic documentation from the court or CPS, even after requests for copies by email for everything.
A3. It was presented and explained by Tom Dobbie in his Emails that traceable electronic copies were wanted to ensure an audit trail and to ensure we are all using the same document.
A4. CPS from the Crown Court appear to have posted some hardcopy documents, but these cannot be verified as there are no electronic copies or traceability or responses to requests to clarify.
A5. Repeated requests, and an [008] N244 application to Chester Crown Court to - -
A5.1. to prevent further interference with the cource of justice by Cheshire Police on Tom Dobbie's court documents and reporting of evidenced crimes,
A5.2. to prevent further torture, harassment, theft by Cheshire Police on Tom Dobbie,
- - have been completely ignored by the Crown Court.
A5.3. The defendant is left yet again put in a state of anxiety, not knowing if he will be arrested into custody yet again for reporting evidenced crimes, or arrestsed for frivolous matters like 'arrested into overnight custody for having made a possibly sinister laugh'. I have [h009] asked Cheshire police for copies of all arrest interviews, and still they refuse. If you check the records, there are a lot of frivolous actions by Cheshire Police designed to harass Tom Dobbie.
A5. The magistrates sent documentation, but Cheshire Police made sure I could not respond to it in a timely manner by arresting me, assaulting me, keeping me overnight in distress and anxiety, and sending me the following day to Crewe Magistrates knowing full well the matter could not be dealt with there, and that I would yet again be [h010] assaulted ,[h011] health deteriorated and made more anxious while gagged and remanded to Altcourse. Before being forced to leave Blacon and attend Crewe, I asked the police not to send me to a court knowing full well that court could not attend to the matter and they were merely abusing police power to have me remanded again.
A5.1. When I was bailed from Altcourse 30 days later, my medications at zero and a delay of almost a week to get new supplies (with resulting distress and anxiety), my bike was stolen, all of my food wasted in fridge and freezer (electricity ran out) and my benefits (ESA) stopped, and benefits lost, and a new application meant a reduction from ESA to Tax Credits. All caused by the abusive and reckless acts of Cheshire Police.
A5.2. The documents sent by the magistrates are scanned [h012] and available for your inspection. There are multiple problems with the magistrates documents and new documents requested. Nothing is acknowledged or has arrived.
A6. The police were requested to reply to the validity of their investigations into these matters. This is a very serious matter, as the truth is evidenced that Cheshire police have repeatedly refused to demonstrate that their investigations and actions fall within policy and guidelines, and that is how highly evidenced crimes are being covered up by Cheshire police.
A6.1. The police have [h013] repeatedly refused to demonstrate or reply on the issue of their non compliance. They have refused every single request for meetings to go over the evidence, and blocked communications.
A6.2. Cheshire police even assisted the paedophile,[h014] by telling the victim to stop telling people about the paedophile or her mother's abuses to the children.
A6.3. Cheshire police admitted on numerous written documents that they never investigated. Even with documents originating from Cheshire police that say [h015] investigations never happened, their [h016] PPS insist there were investigations that found no crimes; they say this without proof, and without a single bit of evidence to show that they followed procedures.
Corrupt Cheshire police say this[h017] CAFCASS report doesn't exist.
Corrupt Cheshire police say this [h018] statement by the abuser doesn't exist.
Corrupt Cheshire police say this [h019] witness and[xxx] transcription doesn't exist.
Corrupt Cheshire police say this [h020] SocialServices report doesn't exist.
Corrupt Cheshire police say this [h021] is Graham not reporting assault
Corrupt Cheshire police say Graham never reported anything and [h022] kept his evidence hidden, as did CPS when applying for the unlawful injunction in 2015,
and there are many more documents and media and witnesses that show Cheshire Police have behaved criminally to assist and propagate crimes and hide evidence and torture Tom Dobbie, the man trying to rescue his children and having to expose these criminals in doing so.
A6.3.1. There is also the issue that a number of psychiatrists report that they have examined me, accessed the evidence, talked to witnesses, and they say everything I am saying is true.
So, [h023] highly intelligent psychiatrists say yes, while[h024] IQ of evidenced low abilities police say no.
The evidence suggests that these Cheshire police are -
1. not up to the intelligence required to do the job, or
2. are up to the intelligence, but are grossly incompetent, or
3. they are criminals, or
4. some combination e.g. stupid, incompetent criminals.
My opinion is 4, but you can take your pick bearing in mind the copious evidence of repeated, wilful, obtuse, criminal acts.
A6.3.2. The people wilfully authorising the crimes against Tom Dobbie, his children and the Crown are [h025] D.Keane, [h026] J.McCormick, [h027] J.Dwyer, [h028] Nick Bailey,[h029] Kevin Bennett,[h030] Inspector Dodds, [h031] Christopher Freeman-Dean, [h032] Miles Dignam, and others (to be supplied along with the evidence).
A6.3.3. Of course, they couldn't have done it alone if CPS were not corrupt. Of course they could not do it alone without the wilful help of people like judge Dutton. So, according to UK law, we have a criminal conspiracy.
A6.4. A request to the Crown Court for the Court to issue the instructions to Cheshire Police[h033] to supply evidence that they followed procedures in these matters has also been ignored.
A6.5. Cheshire police burgled Tom Dobbie's flat and stole evidence that showed Cheshire Police acting criminally. They have been investigating themselves on this for over a year. A recent development was that Cheshire police lied about this burglary and the computers stolen to another witness, who is the actual owner of the stolen laptop. Cheshire police replied with lies, and when informed of evidence showing they are lying, they say they will investigate on a[h034] very long timescale.
A6.6. One of the primary witnesses - Graham Dean - reported the abuses to Cheshire police on a number of occassions. He was a witness in the 2015 Crown Court hearing where Tom Dobbie was acquitted of stalking, because Tom Dobbie reported the crimes by the child abusers. CPS, having already covered up [h035] evidence , listened to witnesses, seen [h036] some of the evidence of [h037] child rape, child sexual abuses, child battering, theft, harassment, threats to kill and more, then acted criminally in order to gag Tom Dobbie from reporting these crimes and exposing CPS and police as having victimised the victims. CPS had an injunction unlawfully applied [h038] (case law) immediately in a 5 min ad hoc meeting after the last day of the case). Cheshire police deemed it so serious, they video interviewed Graham and said they would follow up. Cheshire police buried the [h039] video evidence.
A6.6.1. A recent complaint as to the vanishing evidence, again had Cheshire police lying about what had happened. They said they asked the assailant child abuser if what Graham was reporting was true. Of course the criminal said no and Cheshire Police accepted the criminal's answer - even though Graham's evidence tied in with the children victims and with [h040] CAFCASS and with [h041] social services and with the assailant child abusers own [h042] previous admissions. Graham was so disgusted by Cheshire police he made [h043] a version of his statements public, and will be a witness at the next Chester trials.
A7. The police all the way through this have victimised the victims. The arrests, the [h044] court cases, the hiding of evidence, the hiding of witnesses, the [h045] unlawful injunction, the false malicious communication charges (notice how they got this without these police being questioned, or even stating that they had told lies), the CBO are all evidenced as designed to cover up the criminality by Cheshire police and Chester CPS, and[h046] CWAC. [h047] (example)
This is a genuine evidenced conspiracy and must be dealt with as serious crimes by the real police. Crimes commited include the perverting of the course of justice, interfering with evidence, misconduct in public office, torture, and many more. The abuse of the process of the court, along with the scale of the contempt by this consiracy, is very large in depth and breadth.

Legal position of current police, cps and court actions.

There is no integrity to the acts of Police, CPS and Chester Crown Court in these matters. There has been no trial preparation that resembles a reasonable working court of law.
It all resembles exactly how Cheshire police go about their business. When they arrested Tom Dobbie and interrogated him, there was evidence Tom Dobbie was carrying with him that would have addressed the police concerns. The Cheshire police officers on both instances refused to let any evidence, other than what they had, to be on the table or seen. They both even refused to acknowledge evidence against their case on the very emails they were using as prosecution evidence.
On Tom Dobbie informing these officers that they did not have the correct version of documentation, they made grunty noises at Tom Dobbie and carried on regardless.
These were acts of clear abuse of power and process.
There is no lawfulness in the construction of this case, and the charges against the defendant should be dismissed. However, a judicial review must be undertaken to understand how such a state of incompetence and non compliance is possible.
The judiciary need to ask themselves how 10 years worth of criminality, involving around [h048] 110 court appearances in Chester, has just been rolled up and rolled over - right in front of their noses. In ALL cases, there was [h049] gross inequality of arms. The matter needs sorting out now. These cover ups and criminality have dragged Chester judiciary into gross disrepute.
Lets be clear, Tom Dobbie is the one who is standing up for truth and lawfulness, and the people hell bent on stopping him are covering up crimes; nasty, vicious crimes. That is why Tom Dobbie has been forced into communicating with the Attorney General, The Lord Chancelor, The Lord Chief Justice and the Home Secretary. The iiCSA is involved because right at the heart of all of these crimes lies the repeated covering up of child sexual abuses and child abuses.
I am still having the case in the magistrates continue, because there will be hard evidence and witnesses that Cheshire Police and Chester CPS have carried out a multitude of criminal acts.
In the event that the Crown case continues, I will supply all of the evidence and witnesses showing why it is not only reasonable to have reported acts by Cheshire constabulary to the higher authorities, but is evidentially necessary. It would be unlawful not to have reported these matters; the conspiracy across Cheshire police, CPS and CWAC would have included Tom Dobbie if he had not reported them.

2017 Bundle contents of previous submission.

This link is currently disabled here, and will only come into use if and when the current case goes past the abuse of process hearing. The previous appearance in the Crown Court was and is evidentially unlawful - no disclosures, no evidence, no jury, corrupt defence barrister paid off to act as prosecution. Judge Dutton accepts the defence evidence was missing throughout the entire trial and that the defence barrister and defence solicitors admitted under oath that they have never looked at any defence evidence. Judge Dutton refuses the bundle - twice. He was witnessed as slamming down the screen with some of the defence evidence on it. Judge Dutton was an interested party, and should never have been given the power to adjudicate if or not Tom Dobbie's equivocal plea was irreversibly unequivocal. It is evidenced that Judge Dutton went in the opposite direction to the evidence, and went in the direction to please his mistress and other CWAC cronies ([h050] Vanessa Whiting who not only got [h051] Dutton his position of the recorder of Chester, but she was party to defrauding the public purse to get an injunction to stop Dobbie reporting CWAC's parts in the crimes against his children and him. This particular abuse of process ended with Judge Pearce recusing himself and all traces of the set of hearings to vanish. ). All of this needs to go on TV in front of the public; it is the only way to stop this endemic corruption of the justice system. Statute says it should be open and transparent to the scrutiny of the public - and Cheshire police, Chester CPS and Chester Judiciary have done everything to cover it all up. My 'legals' and I still have copies of everything safe on secure servers and in secure locations.

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