Child gagged

Should we all hate crimanals who infiltrate police ?Criminals who join their ranks all the way to the very top ?

Like most people, I had nothing to do with police for most of my life. My inclinations were much too busy with my family, friends, carrear and an intensive interest in physics, philosophy, psychology and theology. So, in my mind, these people were simply what the common man was repeatedly being told - that nearly all police people are good, and there is the odd bad apple.
My opinion has become very much altered after this last 11 years. What had changed my understanding and attitude so intensively ? Simply that the illusion in my mind of nice police officers bore no resemblance to evidenced reality. The evidenced reality was that they were evil people. A whole big nasty gang of them. This was extensive evidenced reality that has been checked, double checked and checked continuously.
The initial and biggest element was the highly evidenced criminality and repeated nasty malevolence of Ellesmere Port Police and Cheshire Police.  These were 'people' who covered up child rapes for their friends. Covered up theft, fraud, harassment, serious assaults and even murder. They formed a co-conspiracy with CPS, the local authority of Cheshire West and Chester Council, as well as with the local judiciary. It begs a question that I have not evidenced yet - how are they all so well co-ordinated ? The only common veins running throughout it are the Freemasons.
How could all this be true when the evidence I had mostly involved my own detailed experiences ? The evidence I had was very real, but it was peculiar to this Cheshire mob of gangsters who controlled a lot of power over a lot of people. They were all self policing, so, unnaccountability was easy. As they say - 'Those With The Power  Write The History'.

 Being an experienced researcher, I cast my nets much further. The same kind of evience showing that we are being run by evil gangsters came up again and again. In probability theory terminology, my sample space seemed filled with the same kinds of criminality and gangsterism, no matter how much I enlarged the sample space.
The data was saying that there is an endless supply of these same common purpose criminals employed as police, CPS, Social Workers, Local Authority managers and their legals, judiciary, barristers, solicitors and CAFCASS.
Worse, it is global through the common purpose shared training across authorities and across country borders.
Generalising is bad, when there is too little real data, and when the correct quantitative analysis does not justify the proposal. When extensive relevant data is obtained, and the correct quantitative analysis made, only then can we make generalisations.
Physicists all through their lives are employed to sort out the data from the mess of the noise. They are experts at investigating the data, and saying how confident we can be of propositions made from the data. So, as a consultant physicist, researcher and analyst, who has a very large amount of audit trail evidence, the data states that we are controlled by very nasty evil people.
Objectors frequently raise the proposition 'surely they all cannot be bad ? '. Their opinion changes when you explain the evidence to them. You too are encouraged to look at the evidence. A check sheet is included on this website for you to work your way through the evidence. It is also a summary sheet of things that need to be considered.
Also, there is a particular piece of thinking which objectors miss again and again.
" if these police were predominately decent lawful officers, they would report the criminals within the police"
That makes them morally indecent at least, and criminal co conspirators under the law when they allow the cover up of evidence of crimes by their own police cult. There are almost no police whistleblowers who report nasty vicious crimes by other police. This shows clearly, the criminal mentality is overall in control.

Even while protected inside these vile temples of corrupt and criminal police, some do get caught, The numbers of corrupt police caught is slightly high, and that the number reported by the public is high , but with the bulk of these officers, either nothing happens, or they get let off easily. The number of important files that go missing runs at a high rate. The police who are responsible to police the police take care to protect their cronies in the gang. They protect there own. Protecting themselves and their brother gangsters is their number one priority. They will destroy anyone who threatens them, or their evil cult.

So, lets look at the FACTS based on volumes and volumes of evidence (beyond reasonable doubt) - 
1. There is so much secrecy, so many opinions and just so much information, you can be excused for not knowing many many things.
2. The proliferation of secrecy is, in reality, a symptom that society is sick.
3. Consider how dysfunctional any family is, where everybody is keeping multiple secrets from each other - the more secrets, the sicker the family, and the more the potential danger between family members.
4. Now, think of a village, where most of the families are as described above with their multiplicity of secrets. Then, let's say because secrecy is in the nature of these families, that we have an overwhelming proliferation of secrets between families. This is a sick village, and potentially dangerouse place to live. 
5. This can be expanded onwards again and again, until we finally have a very sick humanity that has a mass of secretive people who are dangerous to others.
6. What is described above is rather too close for comfort to the current state of humanity. Secrets, lies, manipulation, distrust, suspicion - everywhere.
7. Holding this explosive mixture together are a number of psychological, social, religious and political systems.
8. It is well accepted that governments are, or will become, corrupt. That's why we think that democracy is a good idea.
9. Corruption proliferates withing secrecy, and becomes as dangerous as the power of those who are corrupt.
10. Institutions like police, social services, judiciary, solicitors, CAFCASS etc are secretive and powerful arms of government, that are self serving and self policing. They also are not disinfected or tamed by democracy.
11. These corruptions are endemic, with whistleblowers and investigators treated very badly to silence them. Corrupt judges signing off injunctions left right and centre to help protect their cronies in the other snakes. 
12. These corrupted institutions become cooperative through secret connections - e.g. freemasons and common purpose.
13. One of the nastiest snakes on Medusa's head are the police with their lethal mercenary capabilities and self promotion even when caught out.

The police are institutionalised by criminality. Below is a tiny sample of the evidence that is easily available to any member of the public by doing some research.

However, there is much much more hidden. As an example, Tom Dobbie personally, has a mountain of evidence against police in Ellesmere Port and Cheshire that includes covering up child rapes, covering up child abuses, covering up theft and fraud , and , even murder. The crimes are available to any honest police force. If they were listed here, Cheshire police would simply come round and kick the door down again and steal all the computers and put Dobbie into remand yet again for 6 months to silence him.....

item description comment
1 Sarah Everard murdered by highly trained police assasin
Simply the tip of an iceberg
and police investigating themselves, yet again, find thenselves
blameless and wonderful ......they think we are all stupid... 
2 NSW report investigating endemic police corruption.
shows clearly that it's not the odd rotton apple
It may be in NSW, but
they all copy each other
3 The extensive rape culture reported across schools
EVERYONE IS INVITED That the police saying that
they are investigating, is bizarre, as police were heavily
complicit in ferrying school children back and forward
from being raped in Wrexham, Rotherham, Nottingham,
Rochdale and many many other places 
As well as so many police
criminally carrying out sex
4 The police like to propagate the idea that they are nice people there to help you - just like the police assasin who murdered Sarah, just like all the child sex abusers, just like top Freemason and ex Police chief Gordon Anglesey..
it all just goes on and on the more you dig.
5 In Cheshire, I have the indisputable evidence that Cheshire Police along with  Cheshire West and Chester Council , and Chester judiciary (Barnett, Woodford, Pearce , Dutton et al ) covered up child rape and child abuse. 

and that is why they keep arresting me and locking me up - just as they did with many child victims.

and the prime ministers, home secretaries and many many MP's know this is all going on , and they keep silent. They only speak up when their expenses are at risk -
Top law expert says - do NOT talk to the police.

The more severe your scrutiny of these videos, reports, evidence etc, the more vile your findings will become - but, you will know who the enemy is ......millions of them....

.Medusa - is a metaphor, a principal, real and very evil.