Artists Work Evidencing Child Abuses

The Monster - abusing millions of children

As a child to teenager, I saw on TV how nasty and scary people could be when they turned into a mob. That same behaviour we saw all too frequently in the local gangs. People got worked up into a frenzy. A frenzy that was well beyond their normal fierce and reckless behaviour. At that age, you don't have a few psychology books hanging from your belt. You just see something scary, and do your best to get well away from it. It doesn't occur to the young brain that you should sit sown and take notes , or choose particular people to interview. No, this was human's entering their nastiest state, and you could see it fitting into various situations -   the unbelievable monstrous acts during wars, by troops and civilians,   the horrific treatment of slaves worked to death on plantations,   the animalistic fervor during witch burning or stoning to death   the voyeurism and goading for the pre kill of the suicide so sadly, so many , so common , and all through history.

If you don't look, you don't see the monster, until it's too late.

Milligram asked the question  "could the holocaust have taken place in America ?" Of course normal people were indignant, self righteous, offended , angry even puzzled that such a stupid question could even be thought. Yet, there was precedence that suggested the question was far to close to home. The history of humans, killing, murdering , ethnic cleansing, eugenics are evil. Stalin murdered far more people than the Germans, Mao murdered far more people than Stalin, . the English government stood by and watched a million Irish starve to death, amongst many other barbaric acts. . It is not the history of a species to be proud of. . So, if we look closer, does the history present us with any possible redemption ? Well, there are quite a few parts to the puzzle, and we need to look at them all and see what 'games' are being played out. Here are some of the parts not in any order of priority - the collage version. I put numbers against statements as I find it easier to read and easier to discuss with others. If it bothers you, ignore the numbers.

Medusa - is a metaphor, a principal, real and very evil.

Medusa is when people across different authorities end up organised in a manner that allows them to carry out an extensive range of criminal behaviours. They cover up for each other, and whistleblowers and exposers get destroyed..
1. Humans are a work in progress both in evolution and in our life experience.
2. At birth we are helpless, but are functioning physically well by late teens.
3. Our intellect and characteristics comes both from our genetic coding , and from our environment ( personal environment unique to us , and social environment). These constituter our nature and nurture parts.
4. It is worth noting that the genetic coding changed all the way from the first life, and up to today.
5. That means some of those DNA modules are very ancient, and we parallel up with all life.
6. The microbiology and biochemistry across all living things has a high similarity.
7. We have a range of psychological characteristics that add together to give us our personality. 
8. This psychology also determines how we behave with others.
9. It also determines how we transform to a mob from what was a group of individuals. So, we need to understand this psychology.
10. Sociologically, we form these frightening and fighting events (gang fights, wars, etc.) and then seem to return back to much more placid creatures.
11. As part of the psychology, we are inclined to form tribes and alliances.
12. We migrate into jobs and careers that are suited to our personality; sometimes as positive drives, sometimes as devious and negative drives.
13. The tribe we join, will demand loyalty, otherwise career progression will be very slow or not at all.
14. If people report things that are very wrong inside the organisation that they work for, it is very common that these 'whistleblowers' will become fired, bullied, ostracised
15. So, there is huge pressure to conform to the tribe you have joined.
16. and , huge pressure not to report wrongdoings and crimes.
17. Giving a 'tribe' secrecy and power ( just like Cheshire police have) , it is highly probable that the level of criminality and abuse within that tribe will increase (Zimbardo). ( see NSW Royal Inquiry pdf1  ppdf2  )  (see Dobbie evidence about crimes by Cheshire police: email request as this will be used in Chester Crown Court as evidence against corrupt and abusive Cheshire police officers).
18. Now, when you have a corrupt tribe like Cheshire police, they will break the law in any manner necessary to stop someone exposing their crimes.
19. They are above the law; they own the law.
20. But this is only the entrance to the nightmare where the monster lives.
21. These people are mostly freemasons, and they are tightly linked with the council leaders, the council legals , the social services et al.
22. These people are closely bound to CPS , and so evidence and guilt are controlled by the two tribes.
23. These people are closely bound to the judiciary - judges and staff and freemasons everywhere.
24. We now have 4 tribes of people with power, secrecy , enforced loyalty , and no reservations to conspire to destroy anyone against them.
25. This is the tyranny of those in power that political theory and discourse has described for more than 2000 years since the Greeks.
26. This is the tyranny that 2000 years of political theory demands those in power must be transparent and open to public scrutiny.
27. That is who so much of government is held in secret, or has smoke , mirrors and false news.
28. With no true public scrutiny, these people easily manipulate proceedings to steal houses, steal other people's possessions, steal millions of pounds of tax payers money.
29In reality, look carefully , see the snakes all together on the Medusa head that is controlled by corruption and money and child trafficking . THIS IS THE MONSTER and we have much more to tell you about the evil things it does ...

The betrayal of families by Police, Social services, judiciary

I am told my name is Tom Dobbie and that name is ok for me and my many friends.
My delights are in good people, caring people, decent people, most of all, loving people.
At the same time, I detest all forms of abuse and cruelty, irrespective of gender, race,
colour, height. My strongest dislike is for anyone who is morally indecent causing harm
to people, or unwarranted cruelty to animals. On the pedantic side , I am sad and angry
at those people who cannot or will not love or like themselves. A life of inflicting pain on others
or themselves is the greatest of tragedies. As a species we too readily accept it
as part of the normal human life experiemce.
"We cannot do everything" are the words that cling like treasures, to reassure the wifully
neglectful from having to participate in life. This line of thought I do not need to elaborate on
because almost all of the world knows exactly what it means.
My own current path is confronting and killing a monster; and there is a global army rising
against this monster that too few can see. The rising army almost solely comprises of those
people whose families, children , lives were destroyed by the monster. For the monster is
so clever, so insidious that normal (unaffected) people cannot believe such evil walks about
so freely. Just as smartphones and computers and electric lighting and such like took over
the world , so too the monster resides and carries out its vile acts across the world.

Since most people do not see it, then our first duty is to expose it. For all things evil thrive
where there is darkness and secrecy.
This is a compilation of reports and articles about 'the monster'
History has seen many monsters that carried out their evil through supposedly respectable people,
but never one that has infected the whole world. It is here, now, you just need to switch the lights
on and see the evidence. 

I am willing to present/debate all of this in public, on television, in parliament, in the house of Lords,
in all courts , at the UN, at the ECHR, at amnesty international, in front or inquiries, in front of judicial reviews.
More evidence, witnesses and experts are available than could fill any venue - and these good people
get no money for presenting the truth. Unlike the huge child trafficking industry of courts, CAFCASS
and social services who get well paid to put millions of children and families into abuse, even torture,
and suicide (that's the real reason they NEED secrecy).

The accepted nature of the modern world is dominated by lies and deceipt. This situation evolved, and
is made viably possible because it exists in the pits of ignorance. The rules of this world which dictate
the certainty of things, have become superceded by opinions - wherebye we now have vast numbers of idiots
agreeing with vast numbers of other idiots, to satisfactorally agree or disagree.
This behaviour is engrained into every aspect of our lives. As much as it is powered by egocentrism
and short termism, the real shaping takes place by the demands of a mere handful of people
who control globalisation and global money flow.
Follow this hyperlink to see a short presentation on how easily and comprehensively we are manipulated
and coerced into buying things that bear no resemblance to the reality of what they are. 

Now, think how easily police, judiciary, social services et al carry out the same manipulation, lies,
coercion and deceipt. In total ignorance, we accept what fantasies they tell us. They have the power
and the secrecy; and we know from history and exposures, these organisations have many psychopaths.
As an organisation, the police are constituted by ignorant prejudiced bullies who readilly tell lies, because
their cronies in the judiciary need this army or orcs to protect them. If you think these words are a bit
strong, just look at both history and inquiries. People who demand respect, but their actions rancid
with the evil they produce.
These are parts of  'the monster'. 

I've written a lot over my life, a lot of technical stuff, a lot of poetry and philosophy (much of it destroyed by a nasty vindictive woman). However, that left me at the level of a refugee, a prisoner, a victim, a refugee - but the good human, the inner child, the philosopher sat in the center and tried to piece it all together. So, a new generation of poetry, philosophy, art works and rhetoric started to grow. Some of these you can download for free as pdf on the links below , or you could even by a hardcopy on Amazon ( I prefer reading actual books ).





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