Artists Work Evidencing Child Abuses

Child and family abuses - an artists pictures

Albina is a wonderful person, a Russian artist living in England. She is a person of utmost integrity and decency.
When she had witnessed events that hugely disturbed her, she investigated more. She  became so horrified that she could not stay silent.
Albina not only used her talents as a qualified artist, she actively pursued the message of her paintings and the inspirations from her faith in Christianity.
Albina's paintings have had many exhibitions and inspired people to research the child and parent abuses carried out by government agencies - social services, cafcass, family court practitioners, judges and all enforced with brutality by police.
A selection of Albina's paintings are shown above and below.

they all steal children All of the types of government authorities are involved in the child trafficking. Social workers ensure there is an excuse entered into the system. It is interesting to note that the Nazi's in the holocaust also kept meticulous records of the people they were murdering. Somehow it made them feel it was legitimate. The authorities use extreme secrecy and attack whistle-blowers and those exposing them. Each of the authorities are experts in destroying those who would expose them. 
the mother and baby are fearful and anxious Many mothers are threatened by social workers about having their babies stolen from them. A lot of these mothers have never hurt a child or other person. Their crime is usually that they themselves come from a broken or dysfunctional family. This classifies them in social services eyes as good targets for baby removal. This sick act is all the more worse, when you consider that most social workers, council managers, police, judges would have their children removed if the rules were applied to them.
newborn babies are preferred Babies and children are sold as a commodity. Foster carers get big money. You can create a really easy business and great lifestyle by fostering a few children. Also, people inclined to abuse children, or want a Cinderella slave aim to foster. Many people fostering are friends or ex social workers.
Compare that very high spending on foster care, with the much lower costs involved to fix a dysfunctional family. They are spending tax payer's money to not just fund their friends, but also to put many children into long term abuses in various forms of foster care.
Why do they do it ? It's easy money when you own the secrecy of the system. Legalised child trafficking for money - your money.
Babies are much easier to sell than older children. So, social workers concentrate on babies and very young children.
criminal abusers are unaccountable It's all faceless and unaccountable. The people and systems involved appeal to the desperate need for secrecy - supposedly to protect the children. You are stupid if you believe this.
Social workers - evil, secrecy, unaccountable.
Police enforcing - evil, secrecy, unaccountable.
Judges - why do you think they use adversity instead of truth ?
a big business with children as commodities It is big business. Paid for with your tax money - you are paying for families to be ripped apart, children abused and the evil people to have fun doing it ( they are mostly psychopaths ).
the artist Albina The artist and wonderful caring person Albina.

baby in womb
Every person is an amazing creation.
As a baby, the person is extremely vulnerable.
So, as successful human beings, we love and cherish
and take great care of babies all the way through childhood
to young adults.
We should never stop actively caring.
they all steal children
Consider - how can a child complain successfully when these authorities close ranks and silence any child or parent exposing abuses where the authorities are negligent, or worse, complicit  ?
Consider - a child reports her abuses to a schoolteacher, it gets passed to social services. Social workers tell the child to shut up or there will be hurtful consequences.
Consider - a child in Ellesmere Port reports her abuses to iiCSA, they pass it to operation hydrant, who pass it to Cheshire police. The Ellesmere Port police officer deliberately interviews the child in front of her abusers. She is terrified, and reports nothing.
medusa Now you can see how this organisation of police, social workers, judiciary all act to create an organisation of terror against the family, the child and the non contact parent.
This metaphor is terribly well fitting in terms of matching behaviour and actions.
Each abusive authority is one of the snakes on Medusa's head. The poor naive victims of the family court practitioners do not realise the destructive and criminal cooperation between these snakes.
Medusa in control click The abusers are coordinated like the snakes on Medusa's head. These coordinated authorities,
have become a huge conspiricy of child abuses
and many other crimes on a huge global scale. There are  around 400 million children and adults put into serious long term harm and abuse (harassment, sexual abuse, torture, suicide, self harm, severe psychological trauma/impairment/dysfunction)

The authorities are a nightmare full of criminal abusers organised into cooperating snakes, who know perfectly well the corrupt and immoral acts they are paid to administer. Each of the snakes has their own  complaints system; each is wholly corrupt, and getting away with it in plain sight - because they are policing themselves.

Medusa - is a metaphor, a principal, real and very evil.