Medusa as analysed by a physicist

Artists Work Evidencing Child Abuses

Child and family abuses -
the physicist's data, analysis, conclusions...

We saw in the 'Medusa In Pictures' tab, that Albina's paintings are viewpoints of what she has seen and evidenced with many people and authorities.
We saw in the 'In Videos' tab, a multiplicity of people's viewpoints - from psychology professors, professionals, victims, witness and very experienced people.
Now we will have a professional researcher summarising what he has found. The first presentation of this is below. It is a quick storyboard with hand sketches. A much more elaborate and academic paper is in progress, but the maths is a little bit heavy. So, this for now ..


baby in womb
Our new world ...

1. Every person is an amazing creation.
As a baby, each person is extremely vulnerable. So, as successful human beings, we love and cherish and take great care of babies all the way through childhood to young adults. We should never stop actively caring. That's theory, and some are luck, and some not so lucky.
Except that - in millions of cases it is not luck, but malice.

blank story board
The Blank Storybook
2. Lets start with a blank storyboard and build up our facts step at a time.
Each thumbnail picture can be seen larger and in more detail by clicking on the picture. Each will open in a new window so you can follow the unfolding story on this page.
( I make no apology for poor artistic skills, if anyone wants to make it more polished , then I would be grateful for the assistance)
Medusa story 1
The Child
3. Every child exists in an environment - their own bubble so to speak. The child should be protected and looked after in order to develop physically and mentally. The child should feel safe and loved, and everything positive in its very existence validated.
Click on the picture to see it full size The child should be allowed to safely explore the world around it. However, here is an unhappy child, just like millions of others. Why ?
The toddler

4. How can a child complain successfully when these authorities close ranks and silence any child or parent exposing abuses ?.

Consider - a child reports her abuses to a schoolteacher, it gets passed to social services. Social workers tell the child to shut up or there will be hurtful consequences.

Consider - a dad in Ellesmere Port reports his child's abuses to iiCSA, they pass it to operation hydrant, who pass it to Cheshire police. The Ellesmere Port police officer deliberately interviews the child in front of her abusers. She is terrified, and reports nothing.
The bubble
 5. Now you can see how this organisation of police, social workers, judiciary all act to create an organisation of terror against the family, the child and the non contact parent.
This metaphor of Medusa is terribly well fitting in terms of matching behaviour and actions.
Each abusive authority is one of the snakes on Medusa's head. The poor naive victims of MEDUSA do not realise the destructive and criminal cooperation between these snakes.
The bad parent
6. The behaviours of mothers and fathers and aunts and uncles can vary from being very good with children, to being a nightmare with children. The feminist movement has been infiltrated with man hating people whose primary tact is not equality, but the breaking up of families to destroy patriarchy.
This storyboard uses a narcassistic nasty mum as its example, simply because I have a mountain of data in this area.   
The paedophile
7. When social workers have manipulated and coerced a parent to break up a family,  they ignore that the children are now 33times more vulnerable to being abused as a direct result of this.
Single mums ( the predominant group by far ) are now wholly amenable to predators, in particular paedophiles.
Family members
8. As a rule, the family members of the parent with custody will enjoy engaging in slagging off the now ousted partner. Its a primitive tribal thing. They will not only ignore child abuses, but they will act coercively and manipulatively to make the child shut up about reporting abuses. It is really disgraceful how many child sexual abuse cases have had threats from family to make them shut up (all to protect another family member ) 
Custody parents friends
9. "Mum's"  friends. 
Social workers
10. Social workers Now consider a child, which is not being harmed by parents.
However, social workers have argued with and started harassing and bullying the parents ( social workers are one of the lowest IQ groups, and they are inundated with their own personal psychological problems).
Local authority managers and legals

11. Social services (ss) along with cafcass and family courts have a primary objective to break up families. You get almost zero happy families walking away from family courts.The child is surrounded by police, social workers, judiciary - and they all cooperate to gag and isolate the child. If this behaviour was carried out by members of the public, they would be imprisoned for a long time. 
12. Cafcass an abomination that assists social services break up families, cover up the abuses of children, and report lies to make the courts pre judgement seem correct.
My evidence shows Anthony Douglas is an evil man, and his successor McFarlane simply continues in the same way.

 13. The resident parent tells all of their friends what a dreadful and evil person their now ousted partner was/is. If the ousted partner does the same, they get arrested and a custodial sentence.  
Hell, torture, suicides
14. The ousted parent is kept far away from their children, their house, their friends. Usually resulting in a rapid downward spiral into homelessness and mental health problems. Then the parent with custody tells their friends that this is proof of the deadbeat person they had previously married and had children with. 
t is not just children who get abused by police, social workers and family courts. There is at least one extremely abused parent as a result of each of these family court cases. The system is adversarial in law - read that as based on adversity. It is neither based on truth, or moral decency. It is an adversarial fight.
All of the family court practitioners get paid to create divisions in families and having them all fighting at each others throats - that's what adversarial means.
The loser gets criminally abused by the other parent, the social services, the police. This adversity actually creates parental alienation. It psychologically destroys and poisons both the child and the loser adult.

The parent with custody has to ensure all of the assets they have stolen are not to be returned. So, they are automatically assigned injunctions against the other parent who is neither allowed to see and protect the children, nor allowed to take action to get their assets returned.
All of this holocaust behaviour is approved and perpetrated by the family court practitioners as well as high officials in local and central government.
Police are evil
15. The police are a truly psychopath organisation. They know perfectly well judges destroy the non resident parents life , and they act as mercenaries to enforce it. You get grandmas put in prison for hugging their grandchild. You get dads with 12 weeks in prison for sending a birthday card to their child. Police strong arm the removal of newborn babies in hospitals....much more will be presented on all of this.  
Secret family court Judges
16. The family court judges are really evil people. They know they are creating prejudgements. They know they are in the pockets of the local authority. They are essentiall monkeys who rubber stamp what the local authority wants. They cover up child rape, child sexual abuses, child batterings and are more than happy to put children into long term harm with abusers.They are happy to destroy peoples lives (to the Gulags with the non resident parents !)
Children's solicitor
17. The children's solicitor is meant to be someone who will ensure the legal rights of the child are addressed. This is simply a cover up, because these solicitors simply do what they are told by CAFCASS and social services or they do not get any more business - yes, surprise surprise , no money = no help from them. More mercenaries hanging onto the court practitioners money grap. 
18 Now you can see how this organisation of police, social workers, judiciary all act to create an organisation of terror against the family, the child and the non contact parent.   
People like NYAS offer coercive and manipulatory limited contact supervision if the ousted parent has obtained pitiable contact. Social workers use threats and stop contact in order to manipulate and coerce the non custodial parent. It is frequently reported how social workers take delight in these kinds of powermongering acts. We have audio recordings of contact sessions as part of the evidence.

Forcing child abuse parental alienation
19. This coordination of resources to isolate children from parents CREATES parental alienation.
The authorities set out to split up the family (that's what family courts and their practitioners do).
They coach and encourage one parent to steal, control, coerce, manipulate the children and steal the family assets.
This FORCES the resident parent to create parental alienation as they need to enforce and maintain what they have stolen  

Hell, torture, suicides
20. The unfortunate parent is forcefully ejected from their children, their home, their friends , their jobs, their pensions, (cheap court injunctions and non molestation orders are introduced, coached assisted by social workers and family solicitors without the slightest proof - because that is how you steal possession of everything).

MEDUSA's shadow
21. This metaphor of Medusa is terribly well fitting in terms of matching behaviour and actions.
Each abusive authority is one of the snakes on Medusa's head. The poor naive victims of MEDUSA do not realise the destructive and criminal cooperation between these snakes. 

22. Anyone who is new to being abused by the family court practitioners are naive enough to believe that solicitors will help them, and judges are wise and obey the law. How utterly wrong people are to believe this.
They don't realise that in UK, 90% of cases are prejudged to allocate custody of the children to the mum.
It doesn't matter what you pay solicitors and barristers.
It doesn't matter that this is unlawful, judges dress it up, and then declare everything is secret .   

Coordinated abusers co-conspiritors
23. The abusers are coordinated like the snakes on Medusa's head. These coordinated authorities, have become conspiritors of child abuses and many other crimes like - harassment, sexual abuse, torture, suicide, self harm, child trafficking, child slavery,
severe psychological trauma/impairment/dysfunction and many more. 
Medusa in control
Global in plain site
24. There is a Medusa in each local authority, with its own social services, its own CAFCASS, its own judges, its own solicitors, barristers and family court experts - and of course, its own MERCENARY police. They all operate on a COMMON PURPOSE (just as you have common policies etc). 
This is a huge global scale of around 400 million children and adults put into serious long term harm and abuse by government employees.
Caravagio's painting of Medusa
25. The idea of Medusa is ancient, archaic, mythological and archetypical. The idea evolved and exists because of the underlying organisation in the collective subconscious.  It is rather disconserting that this global war on children and parents actually fits the Medusa template.
That there have been Medusa events all through history, shows that deep underlying psychological forces are at work.
pretty medusa 
Medusa deceives her victims - click on her
26. The authorities are experts at advertising themselves, while having multiple traps to stop whistleblowers and angry members of the public.
They are a nightmare full of criminal abusers organised into cooperating snakes, who know perfectly well the corrupt and immoral acts they are paid to administer. Each of the snakes has their own  complaints system; each is wholly corrupt, because they are policing themselves.
We have extensive evidence of this, which is why police, local government, judiciary all undertake criminal acts to cover it up.


- is a metaphor, a principal, real and very evil.


 The analyst and author here is Tom Dobbie (dad, consultant physicist, philospher, psychologist, author .....) . The standard job of a physicist is to {1} collect lots of data, {2} analyse the data and find if there is a good and trusted simple {3} model to explain the data.

This is a simple hand drawn sketch to help show the overall concept of the analysis. I am writing an academic paper formally showing the maths and logic which you will be able to access. 
In simple terms, it states -
The probability that Medusa is true, is obtained by summing the probabilities all of the data.

Click for large readable version.

As part of this, we must also take notice and remove confounding effects - especially those ideas that inflict our thinking with the false advertising of police and other government services. An awful example of this, is how top police smile and pose while getting photographed and a nice entry put into the local press. They smile and laugh and tell you they are doing a great job, while some of their officers have just murdered someone who was exposing them, and other officers  have just covered up yet another child rape, and worse, they exhonerated their school teacher friend who raped a  schoolgirl. All of this is evidenced, but you see their smiles, read how good they are, and you have been manipulated. The distorted understanding is called Cognitive Bias.

Click for large readable version.

Brief Overview of Experience (of the author of this report hosted on this web)...

E1.   30 years global experience as a consultant physicist, business manager and CEO,
E2.  10 years experience of being abused by the components of Medusa,
E3.  132 court appearances - ALL related to being abused by Medusa.,
E4.  16 arrests into overnight custody for reporting child abuse crimes -
( police covering up crimes that expose them, or their friends, is a key activity of Medusa),
E5.   5 imprisonments on remand totalling 2 years (for reporting crimes police wanted hidden)
( police, cps and judges are all agents of Medusa who silence and gag victims)
E6.  320 days isolated on electronic tag (for reporting crimes police wanted hidden)
(the methods of gagging are prolific )
E7.  High tech business destroyed
(because this helped them to stop the reporting crimes by police and local authority)
E8.  Personal finances destroyed (because of reporting crimes)
E10. House stolen in unlawful ex parte hearing using fraudulent documents supplied by the local authority of Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWAC)
(because I was reporting crimes that CWAC are co conspiritors in)
E11.  Hundreds of meetings with authorities,
E12.  Hundreds of conversations with victims over the ten years,
E13.  Reading and researching and discussing many hundreds of academic investigations.
E14.  Reading and researching and discussing many hundreds of professional reports.
E15.  Reading and researching and discussing many hundreds of court judgements
E16.  Reading and researching and discussing many hundreds of victims reports.
E17.  Reading and researching and discussing Law as statute, as acts, as case commentary, and most of Archbold updated to 2021.
E18.  Using FOI and other methods of data collection.
N1.  The entire process of interfacing with these corrupt authorities was terribly Kafkaesque. The closest idea that comes to mind is a vast army of plantation owners and them having thousands of orcs as employees ( the bosses are psychopaths and their foot soldier - social workers, police officers - are very low IQ ).
N2.  They simply did what they liked most of the time, which included abuse, harassment, theft, fraud and only bothering about the rules, statutes and laws when they could formulate them against people. Informing higher and higher levels of authority simply resulted in people giving polite answers of 'nothing to do with me'.
N3.  Not one person in the chain all the way up to prime ministers acted concerned or took any action.
N4.  So, the nasty hipocrite Boris Johnson was awfully happy with his child, while allowing thousands of other children to be trapped in long term abuse. This is a FACT that is easily checked by extensive evidence.

I have a huge collection of information on a lot of subjects. Some of this data I have collected, collated and linked via the internet and other secure systems for your consideration. People must not to just believe what I am saying, but to scrutinise the data, the analysis, the conclusions.

Children's lives are at risk, a lot of child's lives.  Please help ,,,,