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The betrayal of families by Police, Social services, judiciary, and all MP's, civil servants, council officials, Lords, Home Secretary, Director of Public prosecutions, Prime Minister

The primary concern of each and all of the above is their own self centred world of money and power.

Hard evidence comes from the thousands of professionals, witnesses , victims and whistleblowers who can no longer tolerate to be silent. A quick access table to most of the fist level videos is given below first.

Row Column A Column B
0 Rapid summary by Consultant Pysicist Tom Dobbie   Diag1
1 Short compilation of professionals Erasing Family
2 Parental Alienation Stolen Generation
3 Targetted parents People are easily manipulated
4 Liedlov Proper Child Care Erin Pizzy discusses parental alienation
5 DomesticViolence Men And Women Together
6 Women Forced To Say They Are Victims  Men Are The Scapegoats
7 AgainstTheNewFemminists Evil Empire
8  Police Get It All Wrong Take It All Out Of The Courts
9 Family Courts Legislate Against Fathers What Representing Men In Divorce Tells You
10 A feminist comes to terms with the Men's Rights movement  Men The Underdogs
11 The psychology of Evil  External Wiki Link to Millgram
12 :I am not anti feminist :The science of female aggression
13  Eighty Five percent Speaking At Cambridge Union
14 Femminism replaced competence with patriarchy in order to carry out misandry  
15  Damasio on Consciousness  Damasio Transcription
16 Geldof abuse of secret family courts Geldof Document on this subject
17 Alex Baldwin divorce and daughter Dr Phil
18 Loose women Children Abused Loose women 1
19 Loose women 2 Loose women 3
20 Dr Ramani Dr Grande
21 Dr Judy Dr MurrayStrauss
22 Dr Hilary Cottam Dr Tonia Nichols
23 Cause and effect resolution of PA  
  Large number of videoes are still to be linked into these tables and web pages yet.
The above are just part of the evidence showing how evil and corrupt courts and social services are in creating and sustaining millions of family breakups that are disasterous - but fills the pockets of judges, police, solicitors, social workers, cafcass etc.
  Below are some videos showing how corrupt, deceiving and controlling our governments can be, and are. The government cover up of their causing the misery to millions of children and parents is a masterclass of deception, manipulation and coercive control.
24 l  
26 Don't talk to the police Police cover up serious complaints
27 Police murder people Police seriously assault people
28 Big list of convicted police officers Sexual abuse covered up in high power
29 Celebrities who were assisted to cover up Schools and institutions infected with evil people
30 Who Rules The World ? It only took 10years to change the world
31 Governments act criminally all the time to cover up The crimes of US presidents
32 Governments can hide anything - even a nuclear bomb test ?. Judges and police take oaths to the crown. However, they take their FREEMASON oaths to an even higher level. Judiciary and government take orders from FREEMASONS.
Brexit was nothing to do with sovereignty to benefit the nation, it was to restructure the world's biggest resource of corruption money held by the rich and powerful. Boris giving his mates millions for 'rubbish' covid contracts (billions in one case) is completley insignificant in comparison. 
  This web is a work in progress. The large library of videos, witnesses, evidence, official documents, government statistics, expert reports, prominent people, celebreties is already uploaded.
All evidence has an audit trail and is duplicated to various locations. This is so these evil people can never get rid of the evidence. Just like the guards at concentration camps, eventually they will answer for their crimes.

It just takes time to present as sufficient number and type to prove the point -
1.  Family court is wholly corrupt,
2.  Social services and all of their managers up to local authority CEO's are fully corrupt,
3.  Police forces are filled with self serving psychopaths many of whom regularly carry out crimes, and the people at the top know as they try to gag , murder, destroy those who expose them.
70  Erasing family website ..

The content below, and across this website should shock you. It tells you that there are monsters abusing children and families in plain site. Monsters authorised by your governments. Monsters paid to abuse children funded by your tax money.

I am willing to present / debate all of this in public, on television, in parliament, in the house of Lords, in all courts , at the UN, at the ECHR, at amnesty international, in front or inquiries, in front of judicial reviews.

More evidence, witnesses and experts are available than could fill any venue - and these good people get no money for presenting the truth. Unlike the huge child trafficking industry of courts, CAFCASS and social services who get well paid to put millions of children and families into abuse, even torture, and suicide (that's the real reason they NEED secrecy).

The nature of the modern world is not only dominated by the mass acceptance of lies, deceipt, crimes, manipulation, coercion, but in the idea of justified criminality and evil acts by government and government agents.

This situation evolved. The rules of this world have become superceded by opinions. We now have vast numbers of idiots agreeing with vast numbers of other idiots, to satisfactorally agree or disagree with multitudes of idiocy. The bubble of truth and reality which any individual lives in is very small, full of holes, distortions and of wandering undulations. The ego of the individuals makes this acceptable and this behaviour is engrained into every aspect of our lives.

What is allowable in life, is dictated by the demands of a mere handful of people who control globalisation and global money flow. A good analogy is gravity; nobody sees it, but it controls everything being attached to the earth.

Human beings are being controlled all of the time, and few seem aware of this. Follow this hyperlink to see a short presentation on how easily and comprehensively we are manipulated and coerced into buying things that bear no resemblance to the reality of what they are. 

it is very easily for police, judiciary, social services et al carry out manipulation, lies, coercion and deceipt. They heavily self promote, and heavily cover up their negligence and crimes.

As an organisation, the police are constituted by ignorant prejudiced bullies who readilly tell lies, because their cronies in the judiciary need this army or orcs to protect them. If you think these words are a bit strong, just look at both history and inquiries. People who demand respect, but their actions rancid with the evil they produce. These are parts of 'the monster' I call Medusa, and it has been present all through history. The self centric infighting and corrosion of aeons of secretive Machiavelian governments has made Medusa's evil job very easy.

Medusa is a metaphor, a principal, real and very evil.


A short video to set the scene. What professionals and experts say wrt police, social workers and secret family courts breaking up millions of families and putting millions of children and good parents into long term abuse, torture, suicide ( note, the statistics on male suicides falls straight into correlating with this multi-holocaust level of abuses).

Video E1 : Short compilation of professionals and experts if you watched the video, yes, there are millions of innocent children and good parents being assaulted and tortured and their lives destroyed by the very government employees paid to protect them. The top people in police, social services, CAFCASS, NSPCC, judiciary, all know , and ensure it is made secret.
Some brief Facts Fact0. ( example )
It is well documented in political theory and philosophy throughout history, that any kind of government will evolve into tyranny. This fact is known, and various requirements are forced onto governments by the population they control. Major requirements being lawfulness, transparency and accountability. The judiciary have the outrageous position that a judge IS the law in the jurisdiction of his own court. They ONLY have this on the basis of them being open to the full scrutiny of the public. Yet central government, local government, and various organisations like the police, break this repeatedly every day - ludicrous example is the police policing the police. You might as well have asked Harold Shipman to verify his own medical work: or the huge number of police officers who changed atatements in the Hillsborough case.
Although the police can get away with murder (for the public, they do not do proper investigations with risk assessments, so you can imagine how easily they cover up for their colleagues), the worst section of all this must surely be the secret family courts. Yes - SECRET. No transparency, pretend lawfulness by making it up, and no accountability - and you are not allowed to see any of it other than a fantasy judgement made up to keep freemasons in councils, police and judiciary from being exposed.

Fact1. (link to source if required)
There are over 4 million children WILFULLY criminally assaulted, and being put into many years of abuse by family courts in USA alone. This does not include siblings, nor does this include mild to moderate levels of abuse, and so the number is ver conservative.
It is well researched and published that these children's future is bleak, cruel, violent, suicidal

Fact2.  (link to source if required)
There are 22 million parents WILFULLY put into many years of high level abuse by family courts in USA alone.
It is well researched and published that these parents future is bleak, cruel, violent, suicidal.

Fact2.666.  (link to source if required)
These alienated parents are absolutely powerless and cannot , and do not reciprocate the abuse. This is because the system (police, social services, courts ) that initiated every single one of these child and parent terrorisations, will fully support the abusive parent (who was awarded custofy for putting on a good show) , to carry out a barrage of criminal acts (harrassment, coercive control, manipulation, theft,, terrorism) , of the non custodial parent. This torturing goes on for many years, much longer than murderers get jail sentences.

Point of Law, Psychology, Morality.
Let me be clear - police are carrying out 26 million nasty and serious criminal acts in the USA alone, against helpless children and adults, in order to satisfy the evil wishes of mal adjusted parents who ended up gaining custody through ideology. These are highly damaged parents who will hurt and abuse anyone, including their own children and extended family, just to abuse their ex spouse. What has infiltrated and infected the people of our countries yet again, is a monster that is no different from Nazi behaviour where those loyal to the system get the biggest rewards.

Point of extensive evidence.

This is exactly why Cheshire police destroyed my family and me. They repeatedly abused us for reporting the crimes carried out against us. Cheshire police officers acting as mercenaries: carrying out abuse by proxy. Carrying out the very same crimes they advertise that they oppose -  coercive control, manipulation, harassment, torture, theft, sexual discrimination, and more.
 - everything evidenced , and so so many more victims of Cheshire's nazis ,  and so many more vicrtims across the country , and so many victims acoss the world.

The monster is eating the good people of the world, and empowering all the evil ones.

Fact3.  (link to source if required)
The family courts for many years has used a false ideology (called tender years policy) to ensure the bulk of children were given to the mothers. Some variations between districts or countries mostly allocate this bias to between 85% and 90% of the children are 'automatically' put with their mothers.

This doesn't include siblings, grandparents, relatives, friends.

This does not include all of the other countries like UK, Canada, etc who all follow similar rules.

The everage time in abuse for each of these individual human souls is around 10 years.

This is terrorisation of the public on a scale bigger than everything in WW2,
and pumping that much abuse into society helps puts UK and USA at the worst ranking
PDF of UNICEF report on Child Wellbeing {download}  Summary Table from report.{open}

All of your MP's, presidents, ministers, senators etc - they all know about it ,

The secrecy of the police and courts is used to cover it up,

The psychopathy of the police is evolved to brutally enforce the silencing,

The no 1 job of the police is to find you guilty, at all costs.  This man is ex senior
orosecutor and is now a professor at teaching law.

The psychopathy of all people with power, secrecy, obedience is rewarded.
This hardens the network of those in control.

Social workers, solicitors, barristers, judiciary all get handsomly paid
by spreading utter misery and keeping the evil secret system spreading.

I call this system - THE MONSTER ,  and will elaborate much more.

PDF1 :  A historical perspective of how random and fickle child custody decisions are made

PDF2 :  The family Court Domestic Abuse Scandal

PDF3 :  Family Court Abuse Exposed

PDF4 :  Flawed Child Custody Evaluations 

What professionals and experts say about - targetted parents.
Video E1 : Short compilation of professionals and experts   {A recap of Video E1}

Now, witnesses and victims say a little.

AC    Graham Anthony Dean Reporting - domestic violence and child abuse
                                                               against him, his siblings and his dad.
V0.    Request video evidence   a)GD recorded   b)Police recorded
D1     Request Links to Crown Court Evidence and Police Evidence

World Famous Erin Pizzy Reporting
Video 30 :  DomesticViolence 32minutes
Video 31 : MenAndWomenTogether
Video 32 : WomenForcedToSayTheyAreVictims
Video 33 : EvilEmpire
Video 34 : MenAreTheScapegoats
Video 35 : DeadChild
Video 36 : MassiveBattleAgainstTheNewFemminists
Video 37 : PoliceGetItAllWrong
Video 38 : TakeItAllOutOfTheCourts
Video 39 : Erin Pizzy discusses parental alienation

Solicitor Marilyn York Reporting
Video 40 : Family Courts Legislate Against Fathers
Video 41 : What Representing Men In Divorce Tells You

Cassie Jaye Reporting
Video 50 : Men The Underdogs
Video 51 : A feminist comes to terms with the Men's Rights movement

Dr Susan Shofer Reporting
Video 60 : Parental Alienation

Dr Christine Giancarlo Reports
Video 70 : Cause Effect Resolution of Parental Alienation

Dr Childress Reporting
Video 80 : Part 1
Video 81 : Part 2
Video 82 : Part 5
   more articles and more videos to follow

DrPhil reporting on parental alienation
Video 90 :  Dr Phil

Dr Brian David Hudson reporting
D4    Report pdf

Prof Zimbardo Reporting
Video 100 : The psychology of Evil

Dr Millgram Reporting
D5    External Wiki Link

Prof. Noam Chomsky Reporting - world famous dissident against the abuse of power
Video 110 : Who Rules The World ?
Video 111 : It only took 10years to change the world
Video 112 : What happens after the covid pandemic ?
Video 113 : Governments act criminally all the time to cover up

Dr. Jordan Petterson Reporting - professional psychology reporting of human behaviour
Video 120 : Eighty Five percent
Video 121 : Femminism replaced competence with patriarchy in order to carry out misandry
Video 122 :Speaking At Cambridge Union
Video 123 :I am not anti feminist
Video 124 :The science of female aggression

Pof Antonio Damasio Reporting - professional neurologist reporting about the conscious state
Video 130 : Consciousness
D6              Transcription  of this presentation without diagrams.

Actor Alex Baldwin reporting
Video 140 : On his divorce and daughter

Musician Actibist Bob Geldof reporting
Video 150 : The abuse of secret family courts
 D7             Geldof Document on this subject.

Film Director Cassie Jaye reporting
Video 160 : A feminist comes to terms with men's rights
Video 161 : Years of research shows men suffer multiple abuses from society

Dr Amy Baker reporting
Video 170 : Parental alienation Toronto conference 

Short film presentation.
Video 171 : The dangers of parental alienation

Dr Jennifer Harman reporting 
Video 180 : Parental alienation at TEDxCSU
Video 181 : Parental alienation ducumentary 30minutes

A repitition of Video E1 to recap.
What professionals and experts say about - targetted parents.
Video E1 : Short compilation of professionals and experts

Physicist Tom Dobbie reporting  ( extensive victim because he kept reporting the crimes)
Video 2 :  A life in a day 25th July2010
Video 3 :  What is my crime
Video 4 :  Between heaven and earth
Video 5 :  My green back yard
Video 6 :  Tortured in England
Video 7 :  Surviving torture
Video 8 :  The physicist and the boy
Video 9 :  The virus
Video 10 :  Self Awareness and existentialism
Video 11 :  Books written in prison
Video 12 :  Archetype calculus
Video 13 :  Artwork and poems from prison
Video 14 :  Going to bed, and mind control
Video 15 :  Families being abused
Video 16 :  Diamonds in the muck
Video 17 :  Tyranny, checks and balances
Video 18 :  Solzhenitsen
Video 19 :  Broadcasting from the toilet
Video 20 :  A shallow fried sandwich
Video 21 :  SecretCourtsAbuseChildren
Video 22 : TortureMustBeWrittenDown
Video 23 : TortureRequiresAbuseOfLaw
Some EXTRAS to remind us that not all of humanity is evil.....

 E2.    Schin   Some music that describes the parallel of all this.

 E3.  Happy Ending You only get a fairytail ending , if the monster is killed

E4.   Women being feminine - is hated by the feminists.
        They completely confuse patriarchy with competence hierarchy.
        They hate men and women being married.
        They don't want men and women loving each other as men and women.

E5.   We don't all fit together, but it could be fixed
        Outsiders will always reject you, but persevere and get there.

E6.   An evil woman who desperately wants her daughter to kill her own father
         An extreme case of parental alienation. Happy mothers day !
        (severe parental alienation)       (Lyrics)

E7.    A narcissistic woman who hates her daughter
         Very old stories in mythology originated from long running human behaviour.

E8.     The tragedy of pursuing that which is not real
          If you want to have a tragic life, pursue things with no meaning

E9.     There are beautiful people , you just have to find them
          A song from the flower power days

E10.    The world is awesome ... YES !

E11.    Why do we fall ?