Artists Work Evidencing Child Abuses

Medusa - in numbers

First - I make no appology for using strong language here - lives and well being are at stake.

The The modern world is overrun with opinions, fake news, wrong ideas. All this is trampling over credible and proven reality. It makes it much more difficult and precarious to make correct and good decisions. Sometimes these are decisions directly linked to people living or dying.
What makes people threaten the lives and well being of millions of others ? Is it malevolence ? Is it ego ? Is it capricious ? Is it fantasy ? Is it that we live on a planet of idiots ?
Again, I make no appologies for my language. If a person thinks like a fuckwit, act like a fuckwit , leads on other people into stupidy, then guess what ?   they are fuckwits..
When crazy or malevolant people try promoting ideas that can kill children and adults, or put them into long term abuse, I will speak out against them.
How is it possible then, that millions of children and millions of adults are put into long term abuse (sometimes so bad they commit suicide) and nobody objects ?
The (secret) social services, the secret family courts, the (secretive) police are part of a huge movement worldwide that are taking innocent people, and treating them worse than any criminal.

 We can't all be good at maths, or motor bike maintenance, so, we share and do our best to explain. Please do not feel afraid to ask questions. Bad people (like police) know you are shy and don't want to ask questions because you think it makes you look stupid. Please understand something very simple - the more you ask, the more you get to know. The less you ask, the more you slip down the slope to precarious vulnurability.
People who are bad, understand that for most of the time, they only need to hide things. If people get close, then create cover ups. People in governments are long term masters of lying, and putting false covering over things. Police get photographs published of them doing something nice - and all this falsity, while their officers are helping their school teacher friends cover up the rape of schoolchildren.

Lies, confusion, coercion and manipulation are standard major weapons being used against the bulk of humanity - by governments !! That's why the police are secret. That's why social services are secret. That's why family courts are secret. That's why local government employees are given a big amount of cash in return for agreeing and signing NDS ( non disclosure agreement - or - secrecy agreement).
The standard practice of legally covered up crimes against humanity.

Medusa - a monster integrated into authoritarian government.

It is standard political thought that all governments are tyrannical, when you consider them in their totality. The accepted way to stop extreme abuses by tyrannical government, is to set up checks and balances; transparency, accountability, ethics and rules.

Does this work ?
In the UK and many other countries - NO , it doesn't work.

How are we supposed to live with this ?
The standard ways are in monitoring, to see, if or not, these rules above are being adhered to.
Additionally, we also look specifically for violations of Human Rights.
Is there a problem with this ?  - YES ,
those monitoring systems become incorporated and
 controlled by the very government they are supposed to be checking on -
- Judges are unaccountable.
- Family courts are totally secret and many people are gagged and abused.
- CAFCASS and social services are deeply hidden in secrecy,
   with hundreds of thousands abused by them and then gagged.
- Police monitor the police !!!   So, you cannot get truth from them.
- Special police who are independant of the police (so they say),
   and have more cover ups than there is bedding in Britain -
   although sometimes the truth about how evil the police are gets out.
- MP's are held accountable for there expenses, but not serious human rights violations.
- and on and on ...

It doesn't take much intelligence to look at evidence oozing out of all sorts of cracks. You can see that this is all one very big abuse system. Those in power have the general population as not just serfs, but disposable playthings. They can steal peoples assets (legally, because they own the courts). They can molest children (legally, because they own social services and the courts). They can have people murdered (legally, because they own the police ). They can have people isolated and gagged in prisons or psychiatric hospitals (legally, because they own the police and courts).
They can steal elderly peoples houses and assets (legally, because they own the care system).

THEY CAN STEAL YOUR CHILDREN (legally, because they own social services and the courts). 

Now, lets see how this tyranny is organised to have caused so much serious harm, and yet remain so invisible to the masses.

Medusa - is a metaphor, a principal, real and very evil.