Artists Portrayal Of Child Stealing

Skeletons in cupboards

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Tom Dobbie the researcher and analyst. Discovers things he never expected - even as a consultant physicist with many years of global travel - having access to many secret projects..

Medusa - you never saw it coming !

We were warned, but everyone ignored covid coming -
a lot of people are now dying and suffering unnecessarily.
The mouse never sees the owl coming -
from a prey's point of view, others just vanish.....
and they get forgotten as life moves on....
humans do this with the millions of people who vanish...

Nobody saw Medusa coming this time -
100 million children,
100 million adults,
+ more
ended up abused, tortured, with dreadful ongoing lifetime prospects,
many as suicides,
many trafficked,
many as sex slaves,
many killed or murdered,

I never saw this new Medusa coming-
until it destroyed my family,
abused my children,
criminally tortured me,
and violated my existence into poverty, misery, isolation

Legally covered up crimes against humanity.

Medusa - a monster integrated into authoritarian government.

It is standard political thought that all governments are tyrannical, when you consider them in their totality. The accepted way to stop extreme abuses by tyrannical government, is to set up checks and balances; transparency, accountability, ethics and rules.

Does this work ?
In the UK and many other countries - NO , it doesn't work.

How are we supposed to live with this ?
The standard ways are in monitoring, to see, if or not, these rules above are being adhered to.
Additionally, we also look specifically for violations of Human Rights.
Is there a problem with this ?  - YES ,
those monitoring systems become incorporated and
 controlled by the very government they are supposed to be checking on -
- Judges are unaccountable.
- Family courts are totally secret and many people are gagged and abused.
- CAFCASS and social services are deeply hidden in secrecy,
   with hundreds of thousands abused by them and then gagged.
- Police monitor the police !!!   So, you cannot get truth from them.
- Special police who are independant of the police (so they say),
   and have more cover ups than there is bedding in Britain -
   although sometimes the truth about how evil the police are gets out.
- MP's are held accountable for there expenses, but not serious human rights violations.
- and on and on ...

It doesn't take much intelligence to look at evidence oozing out of all sorts of cracks. You can see that this is all one very big abuse system. Those in power have the general population as not just serfs, but disposable playthings. They can steal peoples assets (legally, because they own the courts). They can molest children (legally, because they own social services and the courts). They can have people murdered (legally, because they own the police ). They can have people isolated and gagged in prisons or psychiatric hospitals (legally, because they own the police and courts).
They can steal elderly peoples houses and assets (legally, because they own the care system).

THEY CAN STEAL YOUR CHILDREN (legally, because they own social services and the courts). 

Now, lets see how this tyranny is organised to have caused so much serious harm, and yet remain so invisible to the masses.

Medusa - is a metaphor, a principal, real and very evil.