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There is a huge amount of wisdom and factual information already written that is being split into the three websites named above. As such, please be patient while we transfer the information into each.

We all know the world isn't perfect. So, perhaps we could contribute a little, or a lot, to making it better. So many can help even with few resources. The famous armchair warriors who can use their votes, use their keyboards, use their commentary to social media, use comments to news articles, use their comments to newspapers - even singing songs, writing articles, writing poetry and creating artwork - every seedling helps. 
Some people may be able to give testimonials or exposure auditable evidence. Least we forget, the brave and talented activists who can take the messages far and wide, and even into the seat of governments.

I (Tom Dobbie -  libraryVideo/TomPublic/1IntroToMedusa.mp4   ) have helped many people all of my life - family, friends, colleagues, students, strangers. That includes the privilege of meeting and assisting some beautiful souls. Problems of all sorts, some simple, some insurmountable but at least some comfort was to be given. I chose to continue to be this kind of person. I am inviting everyone, if they could please help in remedying the biggest nastiest problem that I have ever encountered - the industrial scale willful child abuse, and the industrial scale willful destruction of families.
To solve these problems, requires treating the causes, while trying to relieve the symptoms. So, I am going to start by describing the source of the problem.

Secrecy, power and unaccountability.
There is so much secrecy, so many opinions and just so much information, you can be excused for not knowing many many things.
What each person has, is some of the pieces of a giant puzzle; like a jigsaw the size of a city, and you only see a handful of the pieces.
Sometimes, people relentlessly follow a trail of the pieces, and we can find things, new things, old things, interesting things, useful things, happy things ....evil, very scary things ....
As a relentless professional researcher, I found a horror story. Many more victims than the two world wars - and like all large scale atrocities, instigated, organised, covered up, by people in power, and paid for with your tax money, and the money of their victims.
Please challenge what I report, or you will never believe it, and all these children already put into abuse, will be joined by millions more. 

You have your knowledge and understanding, to which I offer more and probably new evidence for you.

I offer my words based on the findings of a huge army of people. People who have studied various elements of this.

Until now, I have found nobody who has added all of the evidence up. This may be because those people responsible for these atrocious crimes, have massive government budgets and power and influence to keep it disparate and hidden. They own the media, the newspapers, they own the regulatory authorities  and they manipulate you ever so easily.

I have collected here, through links in this website, to many sources of information. Videos, academic papers, reports, witnesses, whistleblowers, victims, presentations. Evidence from those who are highly qualified, to those who are highly experienced, and ever so sadly and soul destroying - evidence from the  victims - both alive and dead.

 Your comments and critique are requested, as this helps expose the certainty of 'Medusa'. The more severe your scrutiny of these videos, reports, evidence etc, the more vile your findings will become - but, you will know who the enemy is ......millions of them....
Then, perhaps you will join the global army that is arising to stop 'Medusa' reigning over our children yet again.

As well as describing this 'Medusa' from different aspects on this website, I have also made a check list of the evidence that would be useful to you checking that what I am reporting is not just criminal and vile, but a very ugly stain on the history of humankind.

I named the problem 'Medusa'
It is a metaphor, a principal, real and very evil.

  • Medusa is when people across different authorities end up organised in a manner that allows them to carry out an extensive range of criminal behaviours. They cover up for each other, and whistleblowers and exposers get destroyed..
  • So, police, CPS, social services, Local Authority , local judiciary each represents one of the snakes on a Medusa head. You may think you are dealing with one snake, but there are many types, and a lot of them
  • There are many Medusa's in different geographical locations, district, countries.
  • They can only be well coordinated over some district - like Cheshire.
  • The group of corrupt authorities in the Cheshire Medusa, is coordinated at an executive level by the Cheshire Freemasons.
  • All Medusa's align with the central powerbase over government, and this is best understood as a Hydra. There is a common purpose , just as we have commonality with computers and word processors.
  • This all sounds pretty bad, and as your thinking improves, you see that this is similar to the way the Nazi's 'invaded' Germany , the way Stalin 'invaded' the USSR, the way Mao 'invaded' China and so on.
  • Medusas are not new, they are throught history , and across the world.
  • The current child stealing Medusa is putting around 100million children into long term abuse across the world. That's a world war on children
  • and it is done with those in local and central government knowing all about it.
  • WHY DON'T YOU ASK THEM ?   I am available with my evidence ....