What Does A Good Person Do ?

Why does this web exist ?

1. Human beings are a work in progress.
2. Human history is full of repitition - beautiful stories, horrible stories.
3. Human personality and behaviour are reasonably predictable as hundreds of scientific
psychology experiments and research show.
4. One way to describe humans is called ' The Diamonds in the Muck'. It means there are an awful lot of tragedy, suffering, evil , and yet , among it all, we find amazing beautiful people who do great things with outpouring of benevolance and good acts.
5. Humanity is neither homogenious nor isotropic throughout territories and throughout time. There was a great change around 40,000 years ago. The transition from small hunter gatherer tribes rapidly precipitated to city states. This had two major consequences -
5.1. Property and greed.
5.2. An elite group who kept everybody in 'control'.
6. This was not a simple event, but resulted in those people with psychopathic traits, the manipulators, the coercive controllers, the bullies, to migrate into the positions of power and control.
7. We were biologically and psychologically 100,000 yr old 'chimp+' creatures used to small groups, and used to being innovative, creative, improvising. Natural selection had found an optimum way to help humans survive by not only giving them large scale psychological simulators (saving being eaten or killed in difficult situations), but an optimum integration into families, in particular to help infants survive.
8. The transformation into city states was completely unnatural to our psychology, and the power control system frequently resorted to extremes of brutality.
9. In effect, we had been taken from being hunter gatherers and forced into a highly specialised colony - like ants or bees - but with one huge difference, the big prefrontal cortex simulator was designed for variety, not slavery.
10. This conflict of powermongers versus 'normal' people is seen all through history.
11. I call the control powermonger system MEDUSA , because you have the different branches of the power and control system acting together like the snakes on Medusa's head.
12. So what ? 
In our recent history we have seen large scale 'evil' resulting from the enforcement of these power systems - within their own tribes, continents, and between continents - Churchill, Hitler, Stalin, Mao , Pol Pot etc . Malevolant terror on huge scales - executed by 'ordinary' people.
13. With such close distances to these events, you would be forgiven to think that such things would be of the past.
14. However, MEDUSA has found an easy way to inflict terror and destruction on simple citizens - in plain sight - across the globe - and carried out by government funding - and disingenuously
hidden behind the most evil propaganda of doing good.
15. This is the slime on humanity called social services and family courts, Judges, barristers,  solicitors, social workers, council managers and executives , police, school teachers  - and all backed up by MP's, civil servants and all those unscrupulous blah blah hangers on for money in government.
16. I will publish the mathematical models of this soon, and make a much better job than the
primary school maths demonstrated by Boris Johnson's team extracted from the muppets.
17. In a nutshell, 700 million people across the globe are being terrorised, abused, made
suicidal, forced into living dreadful lives - by a network of government employees organised
as a great Medusa. 

Medusa - a monster integrated into authoritarian government.

It is standard political thought that all governments are tyrannical, when you consider them in their totality. The accepted way to stop extreme abuses by tyrannical government, is to set up checks and balances; transparency, accountability, ethics and rules.

Does this work ?
In the UK and many other countries - NO , it doesn't work.

How are we supposed to live with this ?
The standard ways are in monitoring, to see, if or not, these rules above are being adhered to.
Additionally, we also look specifically for violations of Human Rights.
Is there a problem with this ?  - YES ,
those monitoring systems become incorporated and
 controlled by the very government they are supposed to be checking on -
- Judges are unaccountable.
- Family courts are totally secret and many people are gagged and abused.
- CAFCASS and social services are deeply hidden in secrecy,
   with hundreds of thousands abused by them and then gagged.
- Police monitor the police !!!   So, you cannot get truth from them.
- Special police who are independant of the police (so they say),
   and have more cover ups than there is bedding in Britain -
   although sometimes the truth about how evil the police are gets out.
- MP's are held accountable for there expenses, but not serious human rights violations.
- and on and on ...

It doesn't take much intelligence to look at evidence oozing out of all sorts of cracks. You can see that this is all one very big abuse system. Those in power have the general population as not just serfs, but disposable playthings. They can steal peoples assets (legally, because they own the courts). They can molest children (legally, because they own social services and the courts). They can have people murdered (legally, because they own the police ). They can have people isolated and gagged in prisons or psychiatric hospitals (legally, because they own the police and courts).
They can steal elderly peoples houses and assets (legally, because they own the care system).

THEY CAN STEAL YOUR CHILDREN (legally, because they own social services and the courts). 

Now, lets see how this tyranny is organised to have caused so much serious harm, and yet remain so invisible to the masses.

Medusa - is a metaphor, a principal, real and very evil.